“Out” of Shape

Wedding Number 3!
Wedding Number 3!

You’d think by now I would know that running even close to where I was last year would be impossible.  Despite working out between teaching and taking classes on my own, I’m way out of running shape.  In fact, I’ll go as far to say as doing any cardio really, really sucks.  I’m out of breath a lot quicker than I’d like to admit for somebody who’s “in shape” and I’m struggling just a little bit with the adjustment.

Last week Tuesday I ran one more set of 2:00 run/3:00 walk.  I considered trying to go for 2:30 or 3:00 for a set at the end, but I was good and held back, thinking about how far I’ve waited to just get to this point.  Recovery sucks still.

Let me tell you, that was one humbling run.  Yes, it was extremely humid, sunny, and well over 80 degrees outside which certainly did not help.. but I didn’t think this would kick my ass as much as it did.  Each 2:00 run took me exactly 400m and I was dying at the end.  I could not run further at that pace and I could not have run any faster.  As I walked for 3:00, I realized I was dying at an 8:00/mile pace for 400m when last year I ran a half marathon sub in the 7:50/mile range.  Well, I have to start over somewhere.  That’s the problem with running splits on a track, it’s easy to run a pace and pay attention to it, rather than going with the flow.  I finished the 30 minute set with 2.5

I took a few days off after this run, complete with icing and stretching.  I recovered fine, with help from a trip out to Fredonia with J for fun — walking along the water, dinner where I spent too many nights during undergrad, and a slow drive home.  (Hooray!)

"Sometimes love can be blinding."
“Sometimes love can be blinding!”

On the 4th, I woke up and hit the track again this time for 3:00 running, 2:00 walking which ended up at 2.8 miles over the 30 minutes. After the 3rd set or so, my ankle started to get a little twinge of soreness during the last :30 or so, in a different spot nonetheless, which I suppose is expected when I start running a little longer.  When I walked, it would be fine.  I also decided to make my best attempts at slowing up the run here, but I still managed about 600m each time in those 3:00.  Whoops.

Considering the sorenes (and how tight my arch was), I’ll be sticking with this interval set for a few more times.  Again, I was recovering fine courtesy of spending the 4th with friends for a BBQ and the 5th at another wedding, this one for our coworker, and then a day of strawberry picking, pizza eating, and me napping (while J drove).

And soon, I will become a strawberry.

I’m tired again just thinking about the past few days off.  Now I’ll be looking forward to the next fun thing — a week in the Adirondacks.  Less than two weeks and I will be completely disconnected from everyone except those I’m camping with for an entire Sunday through Friday.  It’ll be nice to get some running in along that wildlife.



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