Three Weeks Post PT

photo 4 (22)It’s almost a month since I’ve been cleared to begin running again.  I’m happy to report things are still improving.  Though I’ve only run three or four times since the discharge (hello busy life), I can’t even remember the last time I felt my ankle twinge.  I’m up to just 2 minutes of running and 3 minutes of  walking (about 400m run, and 200m walk) which is where I’m going to continue again the next time.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Slow.  Steady.

A quick recap of the past three and a half weeks is probably the easiest thing to do (and explain my complete absence in the internet world).

  • A country concert (J’s first!)
  • A 26th birthday dinner
  • Three hangovers; one lasting 2 days
  • Two weddings
  • 22 hours in a hot fry trailer

And now I’ve decided to leave the gym.

Sometimes, we clean up nice.
Sometimes, we clean up nice.

Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching at the gym.  I love how much I’ve seen my regulars improve, the fact that they come back each week and how they miss me when I’m gone.  Unfortunately, it just isn’t worth it for me anymore.

I drive 30 miles round trip to teach one hour.  I do this three times a week, more if I sub classes.  I spent about 40-60 minutes (depending on traffic during the week) in the car commuting to and from each class.  I use over a tank of gas (about $60) each month and when you’re only making about $120 a month teaching, that’s just not worth it.  The intrinsic motivation is there, but for the amount of time and effort I put in, it’s taking away from other things I love and want to get back to doing.  Plus, it’s hard to constantly be coming home at 7-8pm, never having time for dinner, or doing things I want with J whenever I want.  Yeah, we see each other daily at work and we spend every night together, but I miss being able to say “Hey, want to go see a movie/go out to dinner/go for a walk” randomly, without planning my life a week ahead.  Since we don’t live together, I really do need to plan my life a week ahead of time to make sure I have enough clothes, etc.  And I miss running.  The gym was perfect for my rehab time, but even with the free gym membership, it’s just not worth it after the gas, the time, and the money spent on certifications.

I broke it to my first class today.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but they were all very understanding.  One woman told me I should consider the military, she just retired in her 50’s.  Another told me “you don’t do it for the money” (ain’t that true), as she used to be a fitness instructor herself, but totally understood my reasoning.  Realistically, I got the job because I needed another source of income, I just happened to absolutely love it… I’ll enjoy one job again for a few months until the weather gets crappy again.

So as of July 15th, I’ll happen to have 6+ hours each week of my life back (more, considering I can’t start anything between work and the gym) and I think I’ll be a lot happier.

Upcoming goal? 5k before Labor Day.


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One thought on “Three Weeks Post PT”

  1. Im glad things are going well on the return to running front! *cough* bergen 5k. *cough*. ANyways, I understand the decision to leave the gym, I remember you telling me all these things and that is a lot of work for not that much incentive.


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