Keeping the Tendinitis At Bay

Chest to ground burpees in the grass still wet with dew will make you a little dirty, y'know?
Chest to ground burpees in the grass still wet with dew will make you a little dirty, y’know?

Tendonitis.  Tendinitis?  Apparently it’s tendinitis which seems silly since it’s a tendon, but what do I know?

My follow-up ultrasound revealed all swelling was gone and I could slowly begin my return to running.  Slowly.  Even though I have been battling injuries for a solid year now, I never built up too quickly, mostly because I never got the chance to build up much. When I started running again, it was only after 6 weeks of single digit miles before I started adding anything  additional on.  I pulled out of many races I already paid for and when I wanted to run the Lake Effect Half Marathon, I made sure my PT thought it would be okay.  Granted, I should have probably stopped after mile 4 when things started to feel not so great, but 13.1 miles rarely feels “so great”.

The doctor told me to start by speed walking for 30 minutes three times a week, then start with one minute running, four minutes walking for a week or so and keep increasing time if my tendon tolerates it.  Chris wants me to also include my exercises such as ankling to strengthen the tissue to prepare it for running.  All in all, I may be “cleared” but I’m not really in the clear.  I am however, possibly graduating from PT next week.  I may not be back to running, but I have all the tools I need to get myself there including a diagnosis and there’s not much left that physical therapy can do.

First WOD!
First WOD!

So far, I’ve walked a little more frequently and tolerated it.  On Saturday I went to an outdoor CrossFit class followed by a barefoot running clinic held by my PT.  The WOD was seemingly easy on the board, but reminded me that despite teaching 3-5 times each week, I’m not working out for me and I’m certainly not in the shape I pride myself on being.  I learned I suck at wheelbarrow walks, which could have been due to the fact that I previously did 4 minutes of planks which wiped out my core strength.  In the end, the class was a blast and I’m still slightly sore today, two days later.

The barefoot running clinic was the most running I’ve done since the end of February without actually running and I’m kind of paying for it.  Despite learning a lot of these techniques in PT, there’s alway something to be taken away from it — such as I was working too hard during these effortless drills.  I’m hoping that explains the ankle soreness I’m experiencing days later.

I spent the next couple days icing and stretching; clearly I’m still not ready to run or even run/walk.  Now that I can do some types of exercises though, I’m going to treat them like a little bit of a training plan.  I’ll still do my hip hinges and other PT stretches at home, but much like I uesd to go to the track for speed training, I’m going to the track to have a nice patch of grass to myself and but only when I’m not sore  Hopefully soon instead of being sore for two days following the drills, it’ll be one, and then eventually it won’t hurt and I can ease into running.  I’m so nervous and hesitant to being again, but you have to start somewhere.


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