Over Half Way There

I cannot wait until I am off these damn pills.  Yes, they are working (that I can tell) but if I don’t eat practically a full meal, they make me all sorts of crazy.  I may get a headache, could make me a little nauseous and I somewhat feel like I’m not really inside my body.  If I could lay around on my couch all day it really wouldn’t bother me but when I’m spending 8 hours staring at the computer?  It’s not so fun.

Lately we’ve been working on hip hinge exercises in physical therapy and bridges, introducing single leg bridges this past week.  Every exercise I do, I do slowly with concentration on my form.   You’d think that’d be great, right?  I’m making sure to do everything perfect and I’m striving to own the movement.  Well, apparently that’s not exactly true in all aspects of physical therapy.

Wednesday morning I’m hip hinging to pick up a kettle bell, pretty similar to a deadlift.  I finally feel like I am owning it and Chris walks over and tells me to go faster.  Uhhh, faster?  I try to go faster but I feel like everything is all of a sudden sucking and I simply cannot go faster without sacrificing my form.  Of course, I question it because I’ve finally learned that the more questions I ask, the better off I will be in the future. Why am I going faster?  Isn’t the goal to be slow and steady?

As it turns out, I need to gain power and to gain power, I need to learn to do things quicker while maintaining my form.  This is exactly why we introduced the power drills over the winter (drop squats, etc.) before my ankle started being a jerk again.  And my lack in power is pretty apparent because I really struggled to hip hinge at a quicker pace that would translate to running.  Damn, therapy can be hard sometimes.

Saucony ProGrid Mirage 3Speaking of running, while I’m not quite there yet, I’m finally buying a new pair of sneakers.  I bought my Newton Energy pair in the fall, but they were a little too big, I couldn’t return them, we thought they were causing some of my ankle issues back in the Fall.  After this, I started running in the super stability Brooks sneakers I received to wear test — totally not good.  Every pair of sneakers I wore to therapy (even old ones I retired) received looked from any therapist that laid eyes on them, so even though I don’t have the money to just drop on a pair of new sneakers, it’s an investment I need to make.

Chris told me to get a pair of stability sneakers to start with, so I wanted to try to find something that wasn’t overly expensive, had a lower heel drop, and was on the lighter side.  I stumbled upon a pair of Saucony’s, which I think I ran in once back in middle school.  The pricetag was perfect ($70, 7.5 oz [I think, Saucony lists them at 9.4 and 7.5], and at a 4mm drop — these babies sounds perfect.  Hello, Saucony ProGrid Miriage 3.  Since Road Runner Sports is so awesome, I anticipate having these before therapy on Wednesday.  Coincidentally my follow up ultrasound is also Wednesday and maybe, just maybe, I will have some news that allows me to lace up.

Unfortunately, even if I can lace up the next three weeks are going to be intense.  I’m subbing three classes each week, putting me at five classes in four days.  Sunday – body sculpt, Monday – subbing Spin, Tuesday – body sculpt, Wednesday subbing body sculpt and spin.  Clearly I will not be starting up CrossFit and probably will be resting the other three days of the week, plus squeezing in whatever errands I have lined up.  As busy as I will be, it’s going to be a necessary evil since things are about to get completely crazy in my life and being able to get lost in exercise/work will be welcome.

Keep  your fingers crossed for good news on Wednesday (and sexy sneakers to arrive before then!)


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

6 thoughts on “Over Half Way There”

  1. Super random but what size shoe do you wear? Have you thought of the guide by saucony? Are you looking for a super stable shoe? My new job has me loving looking at people’s feet…it’s like I can up my creep factor even more.


  2. My fingers and toes and everything else are crossed. You deserve some good news. I also really hope you love the new shoes and that they work well for you!


  3. Well everything I have is crossed for you, like seriously. I am obviously happy with your shoe choice (Go Saucony!). You are definitely going to get that power growing for you with all those classes you’ll be teaching! I hope I see you next weekend!!!


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