Finally, the Ultrasound

I couldn't get past this point for the life of me.
I couldn’t get past this point for the life of me.

I didn’t have high expectations for the ultrasound this past week.  When you’ve had ankle pain for the greater part of 6 months and nothing seems to make it better, you just don’t have high expectations about anything injury related and you start to think maybe you just A) won’t run again or B) will always have the pain.  Fortunately, I was proved oh so wrong but I wouldn’t find out until a few days later.

The actual ultrasound was quick — 20 minutes or so.  The doctor found my posterior tibial tendon and using a permanent marker, traced it so he knew exactly where to focus.  We took a look at my tibia and confirmed there wasn’t any fractures.  Then we looked more closely at the tendon to ensure there weren’t any white spots on the screen, which would indicate a tear — no tears.  The one thing we did see was some fluid around the tendon, not entirely, but in patches.  Diagnosis?  No stress reactions, no fractures, no tears… just mild tendonitis.

It’s exactly what Chris thought months ago and I wish we could have confirmed it sooner.  The doctor prescribed me some anti-inflammatory pills to take three times a day for two weeks and then I can return for another ultrasound in two weeks to see if the fluid has decreased, or better yet gone away.  If I have improvement, we can start working our way to getting me back to running!  To be honest I didn’t have high hopes for the pills, but when I went to physical therapy just two days later, I actually noticed a difference.  Two weeks ago I was doing air squats with a belt above my knees which hurt my ankle unless my heels were raised, this past week after just 5 doses of my pills, I did air squats with the belt, feet on the floor, and had absolutely no pain.  No pain.  No pain.  No pain.  I couldn’t believe it especially because the deep tissue/graston Chris did beforehand was so painful since he knows exactly what to target now that we confirmed just mild tendonitis.

I’m so happy for good news, finally.  I have everything crossed!

Just chillin' waiting for the doctor.  Story of my life.
Just chillin’ waiting for the doctor. Story of my life.

Ultrasound aside, I’ve been keeping busy not running still by doing a couple new things.  J’s sister’s boyfriend (that’s a mouthful!) just turned 30 and he wanted everyone to go rock climbing so we did that last Sunday.  It was so much fun!  We met all their crossfit friends and they were beasty, but not intimidating at all.  I had a few walls I couldn’t quite climb so it gives me a challenge for next time.  We got the group rate of $10 and we climbed for about 2 hours before we were totally dead.

I tested out the intro to crossfit on Saturday this week with J.  The first 40 minutes or so were him talking, then about 20 of him having us to basic exercises (knee-hand crawls, then foot-hand crawls, then air squats, to jumps — I avoided due to my ankle).  I love his background of how he got into fitness because it really shows his passion for not only getting people fit, but helping them live their lives better.  I got picked on a little bit because I made the mistake of commenting on a picture of him in a pink Lulu jacket with “Do we trust a guy wearing pink who crossfits?” or something along those lines.  I guess he saw it in class and said to Kile (J’s sister) “Do you know Brittany Lynn!?” so basically I was asking for it.

I was all proud to demonstrate my push-up (on the toes!) when he asked until he told me I only did half and to get my chest to the floor – ha!  Pretty much just the intro class made me feel like I wasn’t even close to as fit as I thought, which is exactly what I need.  I joked in class on Sunday when I was teaching about how I took the crossfit intro class and got my ass handed to me, to which a woman responded “Yeah, well that’s how you make us feel!” It’s nice to be reminded that there’s always a higher level you can strive for and much more to achieve.

Thank you Pinterest for the cute idea that unfortunately didn't pan out perfectly.
Thank you Pinterest for the cute idea that unfortunately didn’t pan out perfectly.

I may not have done much when I was there, but man was I feeling it the next day during my class.  Foot-hand crawls were a portion of my physical therapy over the summer and I would do about 20 feet in all directions but at crossfit, we did it about 100 feet forwards and then backwards… now my ribs feel bruised because my obliques are that sore to the touch.  I can’t wait to go back!  Thankfully all I had going on after teaching Sunday was a bridal shower and relaxing… until about 8:00pm when I had to play big sister in the first teenage long-term break-up of my sister’s life.  I don’t know how my Mom did it with me.

Here’s to 10 more days of anti-inflammatories and then… just maybe… I get to run for a few minutes.


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