Maybe I’ll Crossfit

In the "rainforest" -- check out the birds in the canopy!
In the “rainforest” — check out the birds in the canopy!

I’ve been interested in Crossfit for over a year now but haven’t tried it mostly because of the price.  Since I’m still not running and the weather is getting warmer, I’m missing the competition with myself and something to strive towards.  I love teaching at the gym — the results have been nice — but I’m not really gaining anything from it anymore as far as my fitness is concerned.J’s sister and her boyfriend have been going to a box (why are they called boxes?) for a while now that they found from a Living Social deal.  They’ve been trying to convince us to go and coincidentally, the owner of it is good friends with my physical therapist who has also been telling me to go.  While it’s still really expensive (unlimited is about $150 a month) he just offered another Living Social deal for $35/month (8 classes, 2 per week) so I bought it.  My therapist is also opening up his own box with a couple other people just down the street from me (maybe a mile away) so if I love it, maybe I can find a way to squeeze it into my already narrow budget even when I start running again.  Yes, I will start running again soon.

Speaking of running, I finally looked at the diagnosis from that second opinion when I gave it to Chris: Left tibialis posterior tendonitis, tibial stress reaction (ultrasound on Tuesday), and bilateral gluteus medius and minimus inhibition. It’s funny to think I was worried about tendonitis in my wrists from going to school for music and I end up with it in my leg.

Physical therapy was a full hour of the hardest workout I’ve had since I started.  Diagnosis

  • Deep tissue massage 5-10 minutes
  • Stabilized squats (heels and arches on a raised surface) with a belt above the knee — it didn’t hurt to do squats when my heels were in raised!
  • Bridges with a belt above the knee, followed by lifting each leg with my knee bent into a running position, keeping core stabilized
  • Miniband walks with the green band around the balls of my feet — forwards and sideways
  • TRX push-ups (about a 45 degree ankle)
  • TRX rows (bodyweight completely underneath the support beam)
  • World’s Greatest Stretch
  • Backwards lunge with reach

ODinnerther than the typical workout stuff (I taught twice this week at 6:15am before work and loved it — so energizing!) we celebrated J’s 31st birthday by a day off Monday after Easter.  We went to my latest favorite breakfast spot (Amy’s Place), spent a sunny day at the Buffalo Zoo (the animals were actually active!), and then had a delicious dinner at Remington Tavern, which we actually went back to on Friday with his friends for the night out birthday celebration.  To end a pretty successful week, we’re going indoor rock climbing tomorrow celebrate his sister’s boyfriend’s 30th birthday… hopefully I don’t blow all my strength teaching in the morning and embarrass myself in front of all these superfit crossfitters!


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7 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll Crossfit”

  1. Looking forward to hearing how your ultrasound goes. I also have a tibial stress reaction (confirmed via MRI two weeks ago) and am banned from running for 4 weeks. I was training for an ultra marathon memorial day weekend when I got sidelined 😦


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