Second Opinions and No Running

Cubs vs. Pirates!
Cubs vs. Pirates!

It wasn’t bothering me for a while that I wasn’t running.  It was cold, windy, and still snowing.  Now Spring is here and the sun is out, the weather is 50s or higher, everyone is out running and I don’t even have a bike to ride outside (damn thief).

Oh yeah, by the way I can’t run still in case you didn’t figure that out from the first few sentences

I went to physical therapy before heading to Chicago (more on that later) with an ankle that still hurts and no concrete diagnosis on why.  My stability isn’t the greatest, so we worked on some single leg stability exercises.  Stand on one leg, lift my knee multiple times, then turn my head side to side while holding up my knee, finally close my eyes and lift my knee.  It’s a lot harder on my left leg than my right.  Chris said he was considering another MRI and would get in touch with me regarding that.  He mentioned the type of sneaker I should buy (which I have forgotten since I can’t even run) while talking about how everyone is being fitted for stability sneakers at running shops though it isn’t necessary.

Moving on…

Cheesy picture taken on the green screen.
Cheesy picture taken on the green screen.

J and I went to Chicago after this trip to physical therapy.  We traveled into South Bend, Indiana on Sunday after teaching before heading into Chicago on Monday afternoon.  Monday morning, I received a call from Chris that he consulted colleagues he works with who wanted to give me an injection without further imaging so he wanted to send me to another doctor.  That appointment was the Monday after I got back from Chicago.

But in the meantime, South Bend and Chicago were fantastic.  It was one of those rare vacations where you’re feeling like you’ve spent so much time on vacation and you still can’t believe you have two more nights there.  We went to a Cubs game, on a mob tour, checked out the science museum, saw some live jazz, and ate a lot of food.  Typically, I become a cranky vacationer because I get easily annoyed spending that much time non-stop with somebody else.  I was a little nervous about six days non-stop together on a vacation especially since we’re both stubborn, but it was such a good time.  I guess that’s what being with your best friend feels like… something I never really experienced.

So Friday comes around and I get a phone call from the new doctor to confirm my appointment Monday.  She tells me I need a driver for my ultrasound injection. Uhhh what?  I text Chris (after asking my Mom if she can help, even though she doesn’t have any time off to take) because I was thinking I wasn’t getting an injection, hence the sole purpose of seeing a different doctor.  He tells me they were going to skip the evaluation since I was evaluated by Chris many times, get an ultrasound, and then if necessary, an injection.

That’s fun, right?

Monday comes around and I get into the office… and I get evaluated again.  I have weak hips we discover (funny, that’s what put me in therapy in the first place) and some more exercises — bridges and squats with a fixed resistance above the knee, like a belt.  Then I get to schedule an ultrasound for two weeks later.  You have to be kidding me.  And ya know, since the ankle still hurts, no running.

Then I find out I had the MRI on the left ankle, but I thought this entire time it was the right ankle.  So no, this isn’t a new symptom.  Once my hip stopped hurting (it actually didn’t hurt after resting before I started my physical therapy back in July) and I started to run again, my left ankle hurt.  It started to feel better and now it’s hurting again.  The same effin’ ankle.

So I’m not really sure what’s going to happen, but I am sure that I got my Calavera Swim bathing suit which is fabulous for real swimming… are there swim/bike duathlons out there in the world?


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4 thoughts on “Second Opinions and No Running”

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about everything that is going on with your hip/ankle! I’m thinking about you!! I’m glad you can still bike and swim. I’m hoping it will get better for you SOON!! Have a beautiful day!! XOXO!!! 🙂 🙂


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