Back from the Dead(ish)

Woo, it’s been a long, long while.


The quick run down of the past month besides deciding to take some time away from running?  Life got stressful and I couldn’t run, so I opted to eat take out, watch Hulu Plus marathons with my Mom and then drive to Baltimore for a weekend to visit one of my best friends at law school.  Thankfully, the hectic, stressful part of life calmed down and settled itself out but the trip to Baltimore left me sick for oh, just over two weeks.  So no, I haven’t started running, I haven’t even been to physical therapy, but I think I’m finally ready to start back up.

Moose selfies!
Moose selfies!

Backing up to that trip to Baltimore though… oh so nice!   I spent just one full day in Baltimore, but it was the opposite of everything Buffalo has been lately — cold, snowy, and cloudy.  I probably would have driven 6 hours to Baltimore for a sunny 65 degree day even without Darci living there, to be totally honest.  We ate at tasty restaurants, met an adorable pitbull puppy appropriately named Moose, and had girl chat.  Ohmygoodness, I have missed having best friends living locally and I don’t realize it too often but when I do it sucks.  My friends from college are in five different states cover all the time zones, it makes any type of girls night very difficult.  Despite the cold I caught on the trip lasting for 15 days now, it was well worth it.

Unfortunately, since I still have an ever so slightly lingering cough, I haven’t made it out the door for that 10-minute test run I’ve been meaning to try.  To be honest, I’m a little scared to try running again.  I’m terrified my ankle is still going to hurt.  And if it does after three weeks of rest, total, complete, non-impact, non-aerobic rest… then what?

Who gets bruises from a spin bike?
Who gets bruises from a spin bike?

I’ve faked my way through the spin classes I’ve subbed, minus the very real bruises on my knees, so I haven’t had a true workout until Thursday when I took a class for fun.  It’s hard to get into working out again!  I don’t fully enjoy being out of breath again and pushing my max, but it’s also tough when it makes me want to hack my lungs out.  I’m going to start spinning again (mostly by teaching classes because oh hi, Chicago trip, you snuck up on me and you’re looking really expensive) to build my aerobic base back up before starting to run.

At least that’s the plan.  See, I have a slight problem.  My ankle hurt after that half-assed attempt at a spin workout.  Really?  I massaged my ankle, iced a bit, and rested but come Friday and Saturday, it was sore when going down the stairs, occasionally up, and sometimes when I was walking.  That’s really awesome, because if I can’t spin without being sore, I guess I can swim?

Actually, swimming might be an awesome sport to take up because I love these bathing suits and I need a better excuse to get a new one.


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