Week in Review (2.24 – 3.2)

This was another frustrating week to throw in the past and not look back at it.  I’m not going to wallow over how terrible or depressed I have felt because I hate sounding so pathetic and I already did that once this week.

I took this week easy because I didn’t want to do anything.  That’s not how marathon training is supposed to start off, right?

It’s hard to motivate yourself when you look outside and it’s gloom and doom.  The weather (still snowing!) is becoming unbearable which says a lot about what it’s currently like in Upstate New York.  I absolutely love winter, even running in it.  Officially this week I hit the point where I feel like Buffalo has become that place people who have never been here think it is — miserable, cold, snowing, and never fun.   Typically the last week or so of February, temperatures rise and by St. Patrick’s Day, the snow is fully melted and we are having bursts of mid to upper 50s.  I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  Between my self diagnosed Vitamin D deprivation and this Godforsaken ankle, I’m about to hop on the next flight anywhere with white sandy beaches, strong alcoholic drinks, and blue skies regardless of the damage it does to my credit card.

Monday – Rest

  • I had the longest list in my head of things I needed to do on my day off.  I accomplished none of them, but I did catch up on sleep and Scandal so that worked out well.  The grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning?  On the backburner again.  I would make a terrible housewife.

Tuesday – Recovery Run and Body Sculpt

  • Recovery Run – 4.25 Miles
    • I didn’t bother to wear a watch during this because I didn’t care about paces or heart rate.  My only concern was if my ankle would bother me or maybe something else since that’s how my life seems to go.  I took breaks to walk when I wanted water and during a quick conversation with a coworker in addition to the last .25 as my cool down.
    • My ankle was pretty sore throughout the entire thing, but I stubbornly pushed through thinking that’s a better idea than stopping.
  • Body Sculpt – 8lb and 5lb free weights, step with 2 risers
    • I taught this class basically in four sets with a cardio exercise at the end of each set.  Each set consisted of just about one exercise per muscle group, with the last being strictly core.

Wednesday – Rest

  • I didn’t want to rush into running back to back days and I still had that list of things to do leftover from Monday, so I took the day off.  Unfortunately, I didn’t accomplish any of those tasks I had to do (again).  Apparently my lack of motivation to run took over my real life, too.

Thursday – “Progression” Run and Body Sculpt

  • “Progression” Run – 2.14 miles
    • I left work late and frustrated, but hopped on the treadmill quickly before taking a class.  I upped the speed sporadically driven purely by my anger over everything this week and ignored my ankle throbbing.  Funny how the quicker I run, the less it throbs but it never completely goes away.
  • Body Sculpt – Gliding Discs, Stability Ball, 8lb weights
    • I love taking other people’s classes so I can concentrate on my workout and gain more ideas.  This class was heavy on the hip abductors and adductors which plays nicely into what we concentrate on in physical therapy so even though I was hoping for a hard upper body workout, it still was beneficial.

Friday – Rest

  • I finally completed part of my errand list!  Well sort of… I took my laundry to wash and fold so I could grocery shop.  It sounds like a waste of money and pegs me as really lazy but after careful discussion with coworkers, I came to my conclusion.  I was going to do my laundry and not have time to cook, therefore spending money on fast food… or I was going to pay the extra for somebody to do my laundry and then be able to go food shopping, therefore cooking my own food.

Saturday – Rest

  • Spent some time with my Mom watching my high school alma mater lose at sectionals and my sister cheerleading at the game.  I considered running, but you know, that motivation thing really didn’t want to happen.  It kind of sucks because the weather was so warm (about 35!) and I don’t know when the next time I will see that number around here again… Thank you, never ending Buffalo winter of 2013-2014.

Sunday – Body Sculpt and Test Run

  • Body Sculpt – 7.5 lb weights, stability ball, green miniband
    • I attempted some new exercises (upper body) in class with the small miniband but I couldn’t get a good feel on the class.  I think it went well.  Other than that, the ball I grabbed was very deflated which was pretty awful for a couple demonstrations, but I got through it with a couple chuckles.
  • Test Run
    • I didn’t get very far before I stopped, maybe three or four minutes.  My ankle was incredibly sore and I was starving, so I just canned it.  I haven’t made up my mind if I stopped because I’m being a smart runner and I want to get better… or because I was hungry, unmotivated, and I suck at marathon training.  I guess it doesn’t matter at this point.

I’m hoping this week looks a little brighter for me.  I have physical therapy on Wednesday so maybe I’ll have some miraculous breakthrough or more realistically… not.  Three full months until the Buffalo marathon so time to just put this week in the past and work through this injury safely.  I’ll be so happy when I no longer feel like my injury defines me.


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

7 thoughts on “Week in Review (2.24 – 3.2)”

  1. I’m so with you about this winter. It’s so draining to constantly see snow and gray skies. Can’t it just be over?? I finally got motivated to get to the gym on Saturday, I literally got 5 steps out the door and realized that there was too much snow that needed to be shoveled and instead made that my workout. Hoping your ankle feels better soon!


  2. I’ve found that the cold, doom and gloom (honestly) brings me such laziness. I cannot even explain it but I want nothing to do with the cold you know? I’m glad (I guess) someone else can relate to me. I really hope that you are able to feel better running because you truly deserve it.


  3. Ugh, hang in there =( I can completely relate with both the weather frustrations and the injury frustrations. I really hope things turn around for you soon in PT. I also really hope that we are finally done with the cold and the snow. Everything gets better with time, right?


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