Week in Review (2.17-2.23)

This was such a busy week and I was barely even running.  As busy as it was, it flew by and I don’t even remember much about it.  I do know that the week ended fabulously, despite being completely humbled at the race on Sunday.

Monday – Recovery PT

  • I was scheduled for PT because this was the only date I could fit it in, but after teaching Sunday and having classes scheduled Tuesday and Wednesday, the only option was really to recover because we knew I should have been focused on a rest day.  Unfortunately, my ankle started to bother me after all that recovery and the calf/ankle massage.  Go figure.

Tuesday – 60 min body sculpt

  • I had a bunch of new exercises planned today with the resistance bands and 7.5 lb weights.  Most of the combinations were static squats or lunges with upper body.

Wednesday – 60 min body sculpt and 60 min spin

  • Body Sculpt – green resistance band, 7.5 lb weights, gliding discs
    • Basically a combination of last Sunday’s and Tuesday’s class
  • Spin
    • I love teaching a class I never have before because I can compile every single one of my favorite songs and it doesn’t matter because nobody is sick of them.  It’s always one of the hardest workouts I give in class, in my opinion.

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Rest

Greek "Pitza"!
Greek “Pitza”!

Saturday – Rest

  • This wasn’t the intention, but my ankle was bothering me still.  We traveled out to Syracuse, picked up my race packet, ate some Greek food and then relaxed for the remainder of the night.

Sunday – Lake Effect Half Marathon 

  • Race Recap to come soon, but I’ll just say this race hurt.  Not because my body couldn’t handle running that distance aerobically, but my legs were not having it.  Ankles hurt, then hip flexors, and it all added up into a terrible combination of pain.
  • I met up with Heather, Hollie, and Laura (internet people exist in real life!) and had an amazing brunch, complete with booze, obviously.
  • Then I spent the rest of the night saying “Ouch, ouch, ouch!” because I couldn’t walk.  I don’t miss that after any run.

Overall, I’m relatively happy with the way the race/week went.  I’m not happy that my ankle is still hurting so bad, but I think extra care with rolling and massaging should help, I hope.  I plan to take this week a little light because I am so sore, but since I didn’t push so hard I should recover quickly.

What a terribly boring week in terms of this post, but another week of marathon training down, 13 more to go!


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

3 thoughts on “Week in Review (2.17-2.23)”

    1. It was so nice to meet you, as well! And on a day you win another race 😉

      I’m not happy my ankle hurts either, but it’s so much better today than it was. I was actually able to get some miles in on the TM, even though it was a little sore. I just need to work the ice and massage back in a little more aggressively I think.


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