Week in Review (2.10-2.16)

I cooked J a fabulous dinner, the first one he's ever fully said was amazing off the bat!
I cooked J a fabulous dinner, the first one he’s ever fully said was amazing off the bat!

Week two of marathon training complete (14 more to go!) and I’m still feeling good, if not better, as each week passes.  I toned down the mileage this week as somewhat of a taper leading into next weekend’s half marathon, but moreso because I’ve been ramping up the mileage for a four weeks straight now and it’s the perfect time to take a step back.

I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous for next weekend’s half marathon (but really excited to meet Hollie, Laura, and Heather!) because I’ve never tried to run a half marathon on such a low base, not to mention my previous half marathons have all been goal races.  I’m trying really hard to not have expectations, but if I don’t go sub 2:00, I’ll be a little a lot upset… which is a terrible mentality to have coming off an injury!

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Slight Progression Run and Body Sculpt

J cooked me a fabulous dinner of vegetarian Greek stuffed peppers, so delicious!
J cooked me a fabulous dinner of vegetarian Greek stuffed peppers, so delicious!
  • As each week passes, my easy paces get quicker and more comfortable.
    • 10:03/9:00/8:33 (and 14:26 pace for half mile cool down)
  • Red mini band, 15 lb body bar, low step
    • Plenty of abductor/adductor movements, but otherwise, nothing too fancy.

Wednesday – PT and Intervals

  • Warmed up with my movement prep and then about 6-7 minutes of stairmaster.  We moved into more plyometric drills to gain power because I really do not have a lot of power.
  • We discussed training plans, and I headed to the treadmill for 2x800m (total of 1.5 miles) which were paced around 6:15-6:20/mile.

Thursday – Easy [Outdoor!] Miles with a Faster Finish

  • Things finally clicked from physical therapy.  I understood why I needed power, my form felt easy and relaxed, everything just felt right.  To top it off, I had absolutely no pain and I cannot wait to go to physical therapy and report back to Chris!
  • Splits: 8:51, 8:50, 8:49, 8:44, 8:34

Friday – Rest (Valentine’s Day)

It's back!
It’s back!
  • J surprised me with another Erica Sara run ring since I lost the last one (it was over 2 sizes larger than needed) and I’m so happy I have it again.  As he said, perfect timing for the race next Sunday! We also enjoyed an amazing dinner at a local Italian restaurant where I shoveled my face with seafood and Moscato.  I didn’t want to be that girl and take a picture of my dish (which looked amazing) even though the girl at the table next to me got the same thing and took a picture, ha.  Valentine’s Day isn’t a huge deal to either of us, but since we don’t go out often, it’s a nice excuse.

Saturday – Easy [Outdoor] Run

  • After shopping at the farmers market, I ate shortbread turtle cookies for breakfast, pumpkin ravioli for lunch, and didn’t drink any water (or anything) but I did lay on the couch all day.  This set me up for a terrible run, not to mention it was pretty cold and I was frozen at the start.  Four miles was more than enough for me and I headed home, content to have not been in pain, happy I got my butt off the couch and ran, but not really loving any portion of the run.

Sunday – Body Sculpt

  • 7.5 lb weights and gliding discs for probably the hardest workout I’ve ever instructed or done (as far as weights).  We did few combo movements that were first broken down (squats with shoulder press and upright rows) and probably one of the hardest combos I’ve done — a plank with a single arm tricep kickback.  Killer.  My upper body is dead.

The Upcoming Week

So… about that half marathon in one week.  Basically I’m just hoping I’ll be strong enough to finish and I’ll feel better than I did finishing my first half.  The important thing for me in this race is to continue training afterwards, so I certainly can’t race it all out (I’m not in the shape for that anyways!)  I’m looking at probably a 20 mile week, which will be my highest since May.  MAY!  It feels so good to be running (and always tired and always hungry) again.


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3 thoughts on “Week in Review (2.10-2.16)”

  1. I’m so excited to meet you! Lake Effect will be a blast and let’s be honest – even if the race itself doesn’t go perfectly, we’ll have enough fun afterwards to make up for it!


  2. I am thinking much more about hanging out with you guys and the food and beer after than i am the actual race. Don’t judge.

    You are doing awesome with your comeback, and this will be a great base training run getting you moving into marathon training!


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