Week in Review (2.3 – 2.9)

  • Weeee, week 1 of marathon training complete!
  • After three weeks of feeling amazing, I suppose it was time to feel absolutely exhausted from building mileage for the first time since the fall.  After three weeks of feeling amazing and a harder physical therapy session, it was also probably time for a run with a little soreness in my ankle.
  • Monday – Rest Day
  • Staring Contest!
    Staring Contest! (and most likely a “WHY DID YOU PUT THAT PICTURE ON YOUR BLOG?” text coming soon.)
  • J and I took off work together and went to the new aquarium in Toronto.  It was absolutely amazing!  My favorite part is the tunnel with clear walls and ceiling where the sharks, sting rays, and fish swim all around you.  J then had a staring contest with a piranha.  This fish would not swim away and if J moved, it followed him too.  A perfect mini-vacation if you ask me!
  • Tuesday – Physical Therapy, Speed Session (2.5 miles), Body Sculpt
  • Physical Therapy – plyometrics, TRX, stairmaster
    • This video Chris took is of one of the plyometric power drills he has me doing.  I’m still landing on my forefoot, so even though I’m running with a midfoot strike, these power drills are enforcing what we don’t want if I keep doing them this way.  Plus something about my heel coming up while my tibia is still moving, plus my food turns when I come up.  Sure, I can look at know what’s happening but how on earth do you fix what happens naturally?
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry2rmRkcYRs
  • Speed Session (2.5 miles)
    • Chris told me to only run 2 miles and since we did plyometrics in the morning, I decided to run a mile fast.
  • Body Sculpt
    • 8lb free weights, step with 3 risers, katami bar
  • Wednesday – Easy Treadmill (4.75 miles)
  • I felt pretty sore during this run but never really figured out why — maybe the lunges and squats from the day before, or possibly that speed session.
  • Splits – 10:45/9:44/9:40/9:45 and 9 minute cool down
  • Thursday – Spin Class
  • I had a run planned but my legs were so exhausted, I couldn’t fathom running.  Instead I took an hour spin class and gave it about 75%.  Probably should have taken the rest day, but I couldn’t fit in a workout Friday.
  • Friday – Rest Day!
  • $35 of seeds, honey, and dried cherry.  Hello healthy granola bars!
    $35 of seeds, nuts, honey, and dried cherry. Hello healthy granola bars!

I love food shopping day, except when I pay for it.

Saturday – Long Run (9.25 miles)

  • I was so nervous for this run, almost like a race.  I knew I wanted to run at least 7 milers, but I was pretty terrified that maybe I couldn’t do it or maybe my ankle would hurt too bad.
  • I can’t believe I did this on the treadmill, but the Olympics made it a heck of a lot easier.  I watched speed skating and biathlon; each time an athlete cruised towards the finish, I had to up my speed… only because it felt unnatural to not be going faster, too.
  • It felt pretty good energy-wise, but my ankles were a little sore from all the pounding.  At least if anything, I know I can finish the Lake Effect Half Marathon!

Sunday – Body Sculpt and Spin

  • Body Sculpt – 12lb and 18lb body bar
    • 12lb – overhead tricep extensions, single arm rows, chest fly, shoulder press, squats with forward raise
    • 18lb – dead lifts, lunges (forward and back), curtsy squats, oblique twists
  • Spin
    • Surprisingly loved this class because it was simple and just what I needed.  We didn’t add/remove resistance throughout songs, it was basically set a resistance based on resistance then we did timed surges in all the positions.  It was simple, yet effective.

Overall, this was a pretty effective training week.  I’m definitely sore from the 9 miler, but mentally I kind of needed that to go into the next week in a good state to lead into Lake Effect.  It feels good to see this on my training log, but this week is a good week to pull back rather than increase.


One week down, fifteen more to go!


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