Week in Review (1.27 – 2.2)

As the saying goes, the third time is a charm. This has to apply to running weeks too, right?  The third week is a charm? Despite coming down with my first cold of the season which put me out of commission for three days, I still got three really solid days of running, including a 7-miler.

Monday was when the sickess started.  I was a little tired after work and took a rest day, anticipating a hard week.  Unfortunately, I woke up Tuesday morning feeling exhausted with the most intense runny nose I’ve had in years.  I contemplated calling into work for about ten minutes (I didn’t) and spent the entire work day trying to make it through, wrapped up in a blanket and not caring who saw me.  I couldn’t fathom lifting a weight so I called in to the gym for my class, too.  When Wednesday came around, I felt a lot better but didn’t want to push it too hard and took another day off.

Cue the best three running days I’ve had in for-ev-er.  I feel like I’m saying that every single week now, which is awesome because it’s the truth.  Each week turns into the best week since some random date a long time ago and after this week, it’ll be my best training since I was in the thick of half marathon.  I ran three days in a row, not run/walk intervals, not “let’s see if this hurts” quick runs, but three of the real deal.

Thursday – 3.5 mile progression run, 60 minute spin

  • Progression Run
    • I took some gummies from my stridebox before running and they had a lot of caffeine, so this run was fueled entirely by too much freakin’ energy.  I considered an easy run since I had been sick, but my legs wanted nothing to do with that.
    • My splits were beautiful: A warm-up mile of 9:34, 8:25 at my second mile, and flying off the treadmill at 7:28 for the last mile.  The last half mile was a cool down, which was at 10:50 pace.
  • Spin Class
    • The last spin class filled up quick, so I got into my bike 10 minutes early.  Then the instructor instructed 10 minutes beyond class — 78 minutes of bike riding.
    • I wasn’t crazy about his class, but everyone has their own style.  He was more about the Soul Cycle and things like push-ups on the bike, bicep curls, shoulder presses, etc.  No thanks, buddy.

Friday – 4.5 mile Recovery Run

  • I can’t believe I needed a recovery run!  I mean, it makes sense after a speed session, but I haven’t had a workout that required a recovery run in so long.
  • I ran 4 miles 10:50, 10:08, 9:56, 9:52, then 8:42 of cool-down walking.  At times, the pace felt like I was going to fly off the treadmill, but my heart rate and breathing were really slow/low so I just kept on keepin’ on.

Saturday – 7 mile Long Run

  • This was my first run outside since Christmas Eve and my first run at Chestnut Ridge since this summer, before I was injured.  It always kicks my ass because it’s very hilly, usually my miles are 1:00-1:30 minutes per mile slower, even in tip-top shape.  It was really ambitious of me to want to run here for my first “long run” back, but I am positive my runs here are what put me in the shape I was last May in terms of speed and endurance.
  • The park was completely covered in the kind of snow that you step in and slide backwards a bit — talk about not fun on those vertical climbs.  I met up with a friend from Twitter who’s a heck of a lot faster than me (trying to BQ in a few weeks) but he’s kind enough to go my pace without complaint.  I’m so glad I had somebody there who knew my mileage goal because around mile 3 I wanted to quit, but didn’t want to wimp out.  Then on the first really steep hill I started to walk and it was much needed for somebody to tell me just to keep running, even if it was incredibly, painfully slow.
  • The run felt like it sucked because it was so slow and so hard; I was dead tired at the end and I now understand the term “trashed legs”.  I thought I knew what it felt like, but I was wrong!  Splits were nothing to gawk at, but I got it done!  Longest run since August!
  • Splits: 9:59/10:33/11:43/11:17/10:27/11:25/11:32

Sunday – 60 minutes Body Sculpt

  • Upon checking my schedule online at the gym to sub a class, I noticed my bootcamp class was cancelled which is an entirely different can of worms, but it meants I could go a lot harder on myself than I would have knowing I had another hour to teach.  And even though it sucks that I don’t have that class, I will be able to join the 9:30 spin class for some added recovery after my long runs now!
  • I used 8lb and 5lb weights with a step that was 3 risers high.  Among the typical upper body exercises, I tossed in side crunches with a weight, static squat with forward punches with a weight, jumping jacks with the weight, jump squats and scissor lunges.
  • Since this class has a lot of competitve people in it, I’m going to try to do something every other class that puts a challenge across those members.  Today I had everyone hold a forearm plank until they couldn’t anymore.  For those that finished early, they could start putting their stuff away and then we’d get together for a stretch after the others finished.  Two women lasted 3:00 and I think they stopped only because everyone else was completely finished.

Despite the sickness, this week made me so happy for my training.  Waking up without pain after and just a little tired after that 7 miler is pretty much the biggest victory I’ve had since starting physical therapy.  I cannot wait to go see Chris on Tuesday and tell him my great news!

Since I knocked my goals out of the park this week, I’m going to keep building and hope everything continues to to feel good.  I’m aiming for 18 miles this week with another 7 miler on Saturday, but this time not on any crazy hills.

There are 16 weeks until the Buffalo Marathon.  You know what that means?  Tomorrow starts marathon training.

What have I gotten myeslf into?


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