Week in Review (1.20-1.26)

It’s finally happened — two good weeks in a row! Don’t get me wrong, my ankle is still sore to the touch if I’m massaging it and I can still feel it ever so slightly during my runs, but at no point is it near the feelings I had last month. I haven’t felt like I needed to cut a run short or avoid some exercises because my ankle was flaring up. In fact, this is the first set of back to back weeks where I have tipped into double digits for my weekly milage since October. That was when my other ankle was bothering me and I had to stop shortly after in fear of a stress fracture.

trainingI’m not really following a training plan until Lake Effect, though I did register and receive a free training program geared towards my marathon goal race from Salazar Training which starts Feburary 10th and I think I may go with it, we will see.  The mileage is a little lower than I would have planned for myself, but this is my first marathon and I can try plenty of plans until I get one that works for me.

Monday – Physical Therapy

  • We had a breakthrough!
  • Plyometric drills (my new favorite) to do on speed days, prior to my workout.  I’d love to explain these, but words make them more confusing.  Maybe one day I can figure out a way to get a video that doesn’t involve asking somebody to record me.
    • Decceleration drills
    • Single leg power drills – same level, then hopping up to a step, then over banana hurdles

Tuesday – Progression Run and Body Sculpt

  • Progression Run – 3.5 miles
    • I was pretty sore during this run, but that was largely due to the aggressive tissue massage from physical therapy and the plyo drills.
    • 25 walking, 3 miles running, progression from 6.2 – 7.3 and eventually 8.0 (last .1), .25 walking.
    • Splits for the miles were 9:05, 9:19 (I took a minute walk break to text/get rid of a cramp), 8:20.
  • Body Sculpt – 18lb bar, 8lb weights, stability ball
    • I was too flustered to remember anything we did in this class.  The microphone didn’t even work at all, so I practically shouted to my entire class and couldn’t move as quickly (or smoothly) as I wanted.

Wednesday – Treadmill Run and Pilates

  • “F-Yeah!” Treadmill Run – 4.75 miles
    • Still slightly sore, but nothing major.
    • Walked .25 to warm-up, then did 4 miles, walked .5 to cool down.
    • I stopped after every mile to walk long enough to grab some water.
    • Splits: 9:27, 9:14, 9:26, 9:04
  • Pilates
    • I intended to take a spin class, but some women from my regular class were waiting for the next room for Pilates (I didn’t even know it was on the schedule!) so I figured I’d try it out.  Chris would probably be happy to hear me doing something involving stretching.
    • Class revolved around the hip flexors, big time.  It was nice to feel challenged in a different class.

Thursday and Friday – Rest

  • My Mom had surgery on Thursday (don’t worry, she’s doing fabulously and it wasn’t anything serious!) so I spent Thursday at the hospital with her, waiting during surgery, visiting after.
  • Friday I intended to go to the gym prior to her discharge, but she was actually discharged at the butt crack of dawn, so I practically rolled out of bed and picked her up.  And at that point when you’re all snuggled with a kitty, under a blanket, eating pizza and watching TV… who wants to go out into the cold and hit the gym?

Saturday – Easy Run

  • This 5 miler did not feel easy.  I had a cramp brewing in my lower right quadrant for the entire run that would go away as soon as I walked and wake up with a vengence as soon as I started trotting back up again.  Of course.
  • Again, the first .25 and last .25 was a warm-up/cool-down.  My splits include those times: 11:32/10:09/9:47/9:55/11:37

Sunday – Body Sculpt and Boot Camp

  • Body Sculpt – 8 lb free weights, green resistance band, stability ball
    • Two sets:
      • Sitting on the ball: concentration bicep curls, tricep extensions
      • Supine: Chest press, Russian twists, crunches
      • Prone: Plank rows, push-ups, knee tucks, reverse crunches
    • Alternating forward lunges while raising stability ball
    • Static squats with oblique twists, also holding stability ball in front
    • Partner resistance band work
      • Tricep push-back, row, chest fly
    • Solo resistance band work
      • Abductor/adductor, bicep curls, shoulder pull down, chest pull (I guess you’d call it that?)
    • Core/Glutes on the mat
      • Glute bridge, regular cruches, hand/foot cross overs, tossing ball to feet to catch between ankles
  •  Boot Camp – 7.5 lb free weights, step with 3 risers on each side
    • Since one girl showed up, we basically just worked out together.
    • 2 x 1:30 of weighted movements (sometimes both legs w/ upper body), then :20 cardio (or :30), and :10 rest (or :15)
      • 6 sets

My goal this upcoming week is to increase mileage so I’m comfortable, but not completely worn down.  I don’t want to set a number because I’m just going by feel right now.  It’d be nice to see a 15 or 16 mile week with a 7 mile long run, even though I know that isn’t a good 10% rule, or 30% max long run rule… but my training is a little off right now.  It’ll get there in the next month or so.


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3 thoughts on “Week in Review (1.20-1.26)”

  1. I’m glad to see you getting ready for Lake Effect. I’m getting so pumped and I know it’s going to be such a great time. I think you, Laura, Heather and I need to go out for lunch post race. (Well duh we know that is happening).


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