Week in Review (1.13 – 1.19)

I somewhat accidentally took a blogging hiatus… kind of because I accidentally took a workout hiatus.

It all started with trying to run/walk over a week ago and being in pain during the entire thing. Then a snowstorm came and I wasn’t going anywhere non-essential for two days. Finally, I got a little “too busy” and other than my classes, I didn’t do anything physical. Mentally, I didn’t want to write so instead I studied a little for my CPT certification and indulged myself in finishing Breaking Bad.

Essentially a week in review last week would be: Hey, I taught my classes. They didn’t suck. I was pooped Sunday afternoon and spent the day on the couch (much like the week before).

A week in review for this week is slightly more exciting.

Monday – 60 min spin, 2.2 mile run/walk

  • 2.2 mile run/walk
    • This was my first run in over a week.
    • Eaasy run/walk combination of 2:00 walking and 3:00 running.
    • My runs were set at 6.3, 6.5, 6.7, and finally 7.0 When I hit 7.0, I didn’t walk after 3:00 and instead dropped down every 1:00 in the same speed increments, finishing with a quick walk before heading to a spin class.
    • I was a little sore in the run, but definitely better than the last time I tried.
  • 60 minute spin
    • I really, really enjoyed this class and instructor. It’s been my goal to get to a class at this gym just so I feel comfortable subbing if necessary, plus the bikes are totally different than I’m used to (Keiser vs. Spinning).
    • This class was an endurance ride and I’m glad because it felt good to have a tough, mostly in the saddle, ass kicking.
    • She was a fabulous instructor with getting everyone’s mind’s focused and her musical selection wasn’t techno, or pop, but a combination of a lot of things I’ve never heard.

Tuesday – 3.2 mile run/walk, 60 min body sculpt

  • 3.2 mile run/walk
    • Before teaching, I did another run/walk interval on the treadmill.
    • The same intervals, but after 3:00 at 7.0, I walked only 1:00, then I started back at 6.7 and came back down every 3:00 with no walk breaks.
    • I felt pretty good, a little sore, but nothing worse than the day before which is a huge accomplishment considering how things were two and three weeks ago. 
  • 60 min body sculpt – 7.5lb free weights, step with 3 risers
    • My arms were rather dead from Sunday’s class still and I was struggling.
    • I’m still getting used to 2 back-to-back classes on Sunday and then another hour on Tuesday.
  • Then I thought I lost my key and I had to cut off the lock on my locker… only to find my key when I took my shorts off at home.  I have now gotten a new lock with a combination, so that’s a much better idea.

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 2.8 mile run/walk

  • 2.8 mile run/walk
    • I decided this was the time I wasn’t going to go for a time goal, rather a distance goal. I didn’t feel fabulous going to the gym — I was beyond exhausted and my stomach was nauseous but I knew I needed to do it.
    • I warmed up for about 5:00 walking, then ran 1 full mile (10:11), then walked 5 minutes, then ran another mile (9:49).
    • I wanted to do a third mile but my stomach was not having it.
    • The run was again, a little sore, but nothing any worse than I felt at any point this week. It was still better than what I felt two and three weeks ago.
    • At one point, there was no soreness, no pain, no feelings. I can honestly say in that moment it was the first time I truly did not feel anything other than what running should be… for the first time since the end of May.

Saturday – 2.7 mile run (#Megsmiles)Snowy

  • 2.7 mile real run!
    • It wasn’t the best running weather, -2 with the windchill, snowy, and windy. I wanted to string Friday’s two separate miles together for two or even three consecutive miles.
    • I set out easy, but unfortunately “easy pace” didn’t feel easy because the sidewalks were covered in 3-4″ of fresh snow that hadn’t even been walked through on most streets. Every step forward I took, my foot slid half my step back. The effort to run my 10:XX pace felt more like what 8:30 would have felt on a clear, 60 degree day.
    • Around mile 2 my stomach started to complain again and I headed home. Once again, I was a little sore but if anything it was less than I felt this entire week and there were a few bouts where I didn’t hurt at all.

Sunday – 60 min body sculpt, 60 min boot camp

  • Body Sculpt – 7.5 lb free weights, red mini band, katami bar
    • A lot of movements separated that we turned to combo (shoulder press, squats to combo, hammer curl, lunge, to combo, etc.)
    • I made the “mistake” of going into a low squat and telling everyone to hold it with the katami bar out in front, then I said, “Alright, hold it for as long as you can.  When you need to rest, come on up and grab water.”  After about 35 seconds, hardly anyone in the class was wavering (I was!) so I laughed it off and counted everyone down.
      • At the end of class a woman came up to me and said there are a lot of competitive people in class so things like that will go on forever.  Then pointed out one woman who is a regular in the weekend classes, but also has come to a couple of my night classes after saying she enjoyed my class and found it to be tough.  Apparently she is currently a semi-pro tennis player (this I somewhat knew, I didn’t realize it was semi-pro), but has previously been an Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier.  Uhhhh, oh my goodness.
  • Boot Camp – 7.5 lb free weights
    • We did 1:00 of each muscle group, follow by 5 sets of cardio.
    • Set 1: Shoulders, Biceps, Back, 5 x :20 hard/:10 rest cardo
    • Set 2: Triceps, Chest, Abs, 5 x :30 hard/:10 rest cardio
    • Set 3: Legs/Core (walking lunges and bear crawls), 5 x :40 hard/:10 rest cardio
    • Set 4: Shoulders, Biceps, Back, Triceps, Chest, Abs, 5 x :50 hard/:10 rest cardio

With my ankle starting to feel better regularly after exercise, I’m looking forward to starting to run again.  I’m nervous because I have just about one month until the Lake Effect Half Marathon but I’m pretty confident I can trough through it, even if I somewhat die at the end.  At least I won’t need an ice bath because I will be so cold.


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