Week in Review (12.30-1.5)

Well, 2014 has started off with a somewhat bad bang.

My new obsession (particularly since it's winter) = the sauna
My new obsession (particularly since it’s winter) = the sauna

My bike was stolen from behind my locked door (I have a locked door leading to a corridor which has locked doors to my apartment door and the apartment next to me) when I’m the only person living in these two apartments and my terrible rental company hasn’t returned my calls (they never do).  And I do not want to move again after moving once a year or so for four years and paying a security deposit each time.  Unhappy.

I also cannot run again.  Really, really, effin’ unhappy.

On the bright side, I’m finally switching duties at my job (same position, just doing something else) which is a breath of fresh air because I’ve been doing the same thing since April 2012.  It’s bittersweet because I have to move my desk and I won’t be with some people I really like (including J — yes, we sit across from each other and yes, it somehow works out that we have been dating for over a year rather happily).  At the same time it’s nice because I can shift my hours later (which most people hate) and work 8:15-5 which means morning gym times.  This sounds fabulous (yay two-a-days) but who am I kidding?  I can’t even run.

Monday – 30 min spin, 30 min body sculpt

  • Little did I know this was my last time teaching these two classes.  I told them I still had three weeks or so because they were training a new girl to take over the classes because at the time that’s what was happening.  Then I find out within the next couple of days that nope, a veteran instructor is taking over.  She starts on Monday (the 6th).  I couldn’t even say goodbye.  I’m so, so, so sad.  On the bright side, I don’t have to stress about teaching 4 days in a row.
  • Body Sculpt – Green Resistance Band/15 lb Bar
    • Typical combo movements today, but finishing with 2×10 push-ups (which I finally did on my toes!)
    • Included some of the new movements I learned from ABC last week with the bar for one-sided chest press and chest fly.
  • Spinning  – Sprints, Hills
    • Fitting that my last class would be 24 people, which is huge and double the largest I ever had before that.
    • We had my favorite rolling hill climb (Jai Ho) where you turn it up a tiny bit each time you hear “Jai Ho” and then somewhat recover down hill on the “catch me…” line.
    • Also finished with 4 sets of :30/:15 tabata drills to Auld Lang Syne by Mariah Carey.

Tuesday – New Year’s Eve (Rest!)

  • I suppose you could consider the quarter mile walk to (and from) J’s sister’s in the sub zero temperature with food and booze as a workout… but I feel like the cherry whiskey may have counteracted that (or the amount of wing dip and pizza I shoveled into my face!)

Wednesday – Rest!

  • I felt a little under the weather (same thing happened last New Year’s!) so I maintained my laziness and watched the Winter Classic on TV.

Thursday – Crossfit WOD

I'm officially official.  Funny how this comes the week I'm done teaching Spinning.
I’m officially official. Funny how this comes the week I’m done teaching Spinning.
  • On NYE, J’s sister’s boyfriend commented on their Crossfit gym’s workout for them to do at home.  I knew what everything was and I didn’t need equipment and the weather was really bad outside so I opted for this 25 minute total workout.
    • 10 sets with one minute rest – 10 x mountain climbers, sit-ups, jump knee tucks, sit-ups, mountain climbers
  • It looked so easy, but it sucked after about the 4th set.  My longest set was 2:19 and my shortest was 2:11, including the 60 seconds of rest.

Friday – Treadmill, stairs, bike

  • Treadmill plan was walk/run combo
    • Walk 3:00/Run 2:00 (about 6.0) and my ankle was sore instantly.  I did another set, inching up to 6.2 on the run and my ankle was still sore.  The last set I walked 2:00 and ran 3:00 at 6.4 because it felt so good to be running even though my ankle was sore and I knew I needed to stop.  Talk about discouraged.
  • Stairs
    • I hate them.  I managed 12 minutes and they were the longest minutes ever.
  • Cycling
    • Checked out the Keiser bikes (amazing) and did some sprints in the saddle on my own and a climb.
  • 10 minutes in the sauna

Saturday – Elliptical and Sauna

  • I’m supposed to do 7 miles to prepare for that half marathon I have in 7 weeks.  I can’t run.
  • Elliptical to Chiefs @ Colts for around the same amount of time as a really, really easy 7 mile run.
    • Started on the 2nd possession of the game (Colts) with max incline.  When possession changed, I put it to lowest incline.  Resistance stayed at 5 (out of 20).
    • I kept it going for the entire first half (1:22).  If there was a score, I switched right after the extra point or field goal.
    • 20 minutes in the sauna stretching

Sunday – Total Body Sculpt and Boot Camp

Breakfast prep: Burritos with eggs, veggies, and cheese (only in mine) in a whole wheat tortilla shell.  Freeze & heat up in the morning!
Breakfast prep: Burritos with eggs, veggies, and cheese (only in mine) in a whole wheat tortilla shell. Freeze & heat up in the morning!
  • I managed to wake up ready to go, early enough to have coffee, yet somehow left my house late enough to make me late.  Not the best first impression and so embarrassing!
  • Body Sculpt – 8 lb weights and step w/ 2 risers
    • One exercise per muscle group, then finishing with 1:00 plank — three sets
  • Boot Camp – 15lb/12lb body bar
    • They didn’t change the calendar from Step to Boot Camp so a lot of people were shocked but stuck it out. Only 6 people were here.
    • Worked on one muscle group for about 4 minutes then did 5 x :45 of various exercises — air squats, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, push-ups, and crunches

I’m trying to stay positive even though I cannot run right now.  It’s really, really tough.  I keep thinking about that half marathon at the end of February which I have been looking forward to and wondering if I will be able to run it at all.  Then I keep reminding myself of the long term goal I have — to finish a marathon, which is at the end of May.  I just need to remain focused on the distant goals and keeping up cardio in the meantime so when I can go, I can go.


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3 thoughts on “Week in Review (12.30-1.5)”

  1. WTF someone stole your bike… oh I’d seriously lose my shit. I’d be giving the rental people a huge piece of my mind!

    I’m sorry about the non-running, I wish I could magically make you all better…if I could believe me I would!

    Thats awesome that you can change things up at work a little, sometimes the monotony can take a toll so some changes even small ones can really help!


  2. How the heck did someone someone steal your bike? UMMM. I’m really confused about that.

    I wish I was able to give you advice about running…bleh. I’m glad you can work out and cross train though so it’s not completely unbearable.


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