Week in Review (12.23-12.29)

The holidays are always tough to get quality workouts in between all the time spent cleaning, visiting family and friends, plus recovering from visiting family and friends.  Luckily, I was able to take some vacation on Tuesday and Thursday which gave me more time to do what needed to do, including starting my training off on the right foot.

Monday – 30 min Body Sculpt, 30 min Spin

  • Body Sculpt – Red Mini Band and 7lb Weights
    • Exercises included mini band walks, shoulder presses, side lunges, static lunges with hammer curls and tricep push backs, push-ups, rows with tricep kickbacks, etc.
  • Spinning: Mostly HIIT and Hard Climbs12.23
    • First two and last two songs were intro/cool down (obviously, ha)
    • My favorite song of the class (and lately) is the Stronger remix from my Tabata album.  It’s upbeat so it’s easy to just go with a quick cadence and then surge on the chorus (we aimed for 7/10 resistance, 95 rpm verse, 110 rpm chorus = killed the quads).

Tuesday – 5 mile snow run!

  • One of my goals for this week was to run 4 miles straight, but when I thought about running today, the route I had in my head I knew would be 5.  I decided to go out easy and if I felt crappy at any point during those first two miles, I’d turn around.  Good news — I didn’t feel crappy at all!
  • For the first 3.5, the roads/sidewalks were mostly shoveled and it was downhill.  The last 1.5 was uphill and nothing was shoveled.  We may not have great beaches for running in Buffalo, but when it snows, you can count on the snow for some resistance training anywhere you go!
  • My ankle was a little sore to start, but nothing unbearable.  Knowing it is soft tissue to work through, I just ignore it during running (unless it ever becomes a different kind of pain) and it subsides as the miles pass.  It still just feels stuck…  I keep rolling it around hoping it will pop, but no such luck.
  • Today, I also did my laundry and saw a tube of Nuun rapidly spinning around in the washer.  I’m not entirely sure if it were full or how it got in there, but I can assure you it was empty when I took the clothes out.

Wednesday – Christmas (Rest Day)

  • Possibly one of the best Christmases I’ve had yet, despite how busy it was from the start and how little sleep I got the night before.
  • It was a very runner Christmas for me from everyone, among other things I love like coffee and pictures of pet shaming (ha!)
    • J got me the Run Ring from Erica Sara and a gift certificate for a massage, which my body so needs.  Unfortunately, the ring is about 2 sizes too big so I’m taking it to my jeweler and hopefully he can shrink it.  I’m nervous since it’s so delicate, though.
    • My Mom got me the Roll Recovery R8 which I knew was coming, and some new workout clothes, among other things.
    •  Grandma got me a card to Dick’s and I really need new Under Armour tights, so I’m hoping there’s some sales going on today.
    • My Aunt and Uncle got me a gift card to Runner’s Roost but I haven’t been to since high school, so I’m excited to check it out later and see what’s new!
  • R8!

    Unfortunately, my ankle was really, really sore all day.  I used KT-Tape for my posterior tibial tendon since that’s what Chris mentioned was causing the pain.  Funny story about that, but it’s the same foot that was giving me the arch problems back in March and via self diagnosis, that’s the exact tendon seemingly causing my issues.  Sounds like something I’ll be bringing up in physical therapy Thursday.

Thursday – Physical Therapy

  • Whomp, whomp.  What a downer of a day.  Long story short, my ankle still hurt, I got the most intense aggressive tissue massage from Chris, and he told me I have tendinitis.  No running until next Thursday.  Elliptical isn’t great for runners as a tool for strengthening running form (as it doesn’t use the same pelvic stability on one leg as running does) so stairmaster and cycling it is for me.

Friday – Stairmaster, Elliptical, and Wine

This will get me through the next year of training, injury or not.
This will get me through the next year of training, injury or not.
  • I officially decided to join the LA Fitness team, now that they have taken over the co-ed BAC locations.  I love my women’s classes, but I was offered two additional classes that are back to back on Sundays so I headed over before working out to take care of the paperwork.  This is going to work so much better for my running schedule once I am back on my feet – Sunday’s and Tuesday’s strength training!
  • Stairmaster: 20 minutes
    • My ankle was a little sore, so I stopped it at 20:00.  Plus I was sick of climbing stairs.
  • Elliptical: 12 minutes
    • 6 minutes at highest incline, lowest resistance
    • 6 minutes at lowest incline, medium resistance
  • Sauna: 20 minutes
    • Apparently it’s so good for you, so I’m going to keep going for it.
  • Then I shoveled 2 slices of pizza in my face (in my car) on the way to wine night with my friends where we chatted about life (one lives in Baltimore, so we catch up whenever we can, but it’s usually every 4-6 months) and watched The Heat.  By the way, it’s hysterical.

Saturday – ABC (All Body Conditioning), Cycling, Stairs

  • ABC – 15lb body bar, 10lb weight, 8lb weights, and step w/ 2 risers
    • Since one of my classes I decided to teach as bootcamp/interval and I haven’t taken any at the BAC, I took this ABC this morning.  I wasn’t crazy about the format but it helps me get an idea.
    • Three strength sets with the same “break” in between: 25 bicycle crunches, 25 full sit-ups with legs straight and wide, and “pilates 100”, then tabata of 6 sets :20/:10
    • Set 1: Regular squats w/ bar, curtsy squats w/ bar (both w/ one leg on step), donkey kicks, bicep curls w/ bar in one hand
    • Set 2: Various bicep curls w/ 10lb weight, overhead tricep extensions w/ 8lb weights in each hand
    • Set 3: Single arm chest press w/ other hand to just stabilize, single arm chest fly w/ end on floor, shoulder presses w/ 8lb weights
  • Indoor Cycling – about 30 minutes
    • I used one of the only bikes at the gym and it was awful.  It wasn’t realistic, the seat made my butt slide forward, there were no straps so my feet slipped off the pedals and I couldn’t get a consistent ride going.
  • Stairmaster – about 10 minutes
    • Felt way better than yesterday, but I still hate climbing stairs.
  • Sauna – 20 minutes
    • And massaging my poor, sore calf and posterior tibial tendon that I already R8’d a lot.

Sunday – Indoor Cycling Class

  • This class was on a Schwinn bike which I’m not used to.  There was a water bottle holder on the spine of the bike and every time I came out of the saddle, I bashed my right knee into it pretty hard.  It was bruising by the time I walked to my car after class.
  • I’m not used to being in a spin class for more than 30 minutes so my butt is quite sore.  Also, the bike wasn’t very smooth as far as the resistance knob so a quarter turn where I was at took me from 5/10 to 9/10.  It was not pleasant.
  • My ankle hurt during runs out of the saddle and sometimes in 3rd position so I did saddle sprints to modify.  Wah, wah, wah.

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Stay positive.

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    1. Thanks, I’m hoping it does too (as it throbs while I type this and I haven’t run in almost a week). I know “just” soft tissue sounds so crazy, but the alternative is fracture so… I guess it is “just” haha.


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