Week in Review (12.16-12.22)

Apparently it was a busy week judging by the fact that I didn’t write at all this past week.  And by busy week I mean I spent all Monday recovering from Sunday and it sent me up for a bad week..  I actually left work early in order to go home and nap (I may or may not have said I had to schedule a last minute physical therapy session), then had to play catch-up the rest of the week from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.

Monday – 30 min body sculpt, 30 min spin

After leaving work at 3 in order to nap before teaching, I actually had a somewhat decent set of classes.  Usually I can’t workout when I’m hungover, but it felt pretty good once I was going.

  • Body Sculpt – 15lb bar and step with 3 risers
  • Spinning – Strength Ride12.16 Spin Heart Rate
    • Keeping heart rate between 75-85% MHR
    • Well, at least I wasn’t ever below 75% but coaching while spinning kind of makes your heart rate rise a wee bit more than if you were working out for yourself.

Tuesday – physical therapy and 60 min body sculpt

Physical therapy doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.  Unfortunately, physical therapy is also going to cost me more money as of January 1st, so I won’t be able to go as often as I’m sure he would like.  I didn’t learn any new “moves”, but he told me a few I will be learning, and he worked on my calf muscles for about 25 minutes or so.  This means I left PT about 30 minutes later than I should have in order to get to work on time.  Cue the additional lateness to add to the week.  Oh and the revelation of the day? “Maybe the Newtons are the problem.”

  • Body Sculpt – 7.5lb weights, stability ball, and step with 2 risers
    • Since I won’t be seeing this class until the New Year, I tried to go a little harder.  We did the class somewhat in 3-4 “sets” of each muscle group, finishing off with as many push-ups at the end of each set as I could come up with.
    • 7.5lb weights are pretty easy for everything that isn’t triceps, sounds like I may bump it up a little next time I see them!

Wednesday – 30 min body sculpt, 30 min spin

  • Body Sculpt – Gliding Discs and 7 lb weights
    • Upon walking in one lady says, “You know, I was just thinking about how we haven’t used discs in a while.  Now I’m regretting that.”
    • The class was about five people, which is really awkward for teaching because it’s so quiet without all that heavy breathing and I notice people seem less motivated, including myself.
    • Lots of combo movements: glide the disc to the side while bending the knee while completing an upright row or 90 degree raises or hammer curls or underhand curls, etc.  Also plenty of pain train work like slo-o-o-o-w lunges in every direction, knee tucks, mountain climbers, glute raises, etc.
  • 12.18Spinning –  New music Wednesday!  (I wish it were Monday just for the alliteration.)
    • I went ahead and downloaded all these songs from various artists that I like their radio stuff, hoping for something good that isn’t on the radio.  I was successful.  This class was just a fun mixture of everything – sprints, slow climbs, jumps, tabata.
    • Who knew Aqua was making new music?  This was great for some saddle intervals.
    • New favorite Imagine Dragons song?  Fallen.  Go listen, you won’t regret it.  Fabulous for sprints out the saddle.
    • AWOLNATION is also fabulous and they favorited my tweet when I mentioned them!  (Hi, I’m nerdy.)
    • J introduced me to Bastille, who I don’t believe I’ve heard on any American radio station yet (perks of living close to Canada means Toronto radio) and I highly recommend them, too.

Thursday – Rest Day

And we ate it all.  Plus our enchiladas with rice and two kinds of beans.  #runger (except neither of us worked out)
And we ate it all. Plus our enchiladas with rice and two kinds of beans. #runger (except neither of us worked out)

I didn’t intend to rest, but sometimes you just have to.  I managed to cram in all of those hours I needed to make up by taking shorter lunches and staying until 5:30 or 5:45pm at work so when Thursday came, I could do whatever I pleased at 3:45 when it was quittin’ time.  I planned to go to the gym, but J was taking a rest day and so we ended up at Cantina Loco stuffing our faces with enchiladas and nachos deluxe.  In proper blogging technique I took a picture.  In “I don’t want people to think I’m a weird hipster” (since that’s practically everyone in the area I live in), I refused to turn the flash on in the dark restaurant and you get a dark photo of what I assure you is the most delicious $8 you will ever spend.

Friday – “Screw MAF” treadmill run

It was today that I realized I have 10 weeks until the Lake Effect Half Marathon.  F that.  Time to nix the MAF training.  I did this run in my Brooks sneakers that I tested back in October, which are stability and considerably heavier and a much larger heel drop than anything I’ve run in since high school.  It’d be nice if Brooks could announce the sneaker so I can actually reference it for what it is.

  • Warm-ed up by walking for half mile, then jumped to 10:00/mile for 2 miles, but the last .25 of those 2 miles I bumped it up to 7:00/mile just to see how it felt, and finished with .5 walking cool down.
  • My ankle was still sore (it feels like the joint is stuck.  I want to roll it around until it cracks and moves freely!) but it took longer for it to hurt and it when I walked, it hurt much less than it was in the Newtons.
  • Overall, I consider it a win.  Running that fast made me feel tired, plus I was incredibly dehydrated (it was a rough week for me) so it didn’t feel good, per say.  But cranking out something faster than 11:xx felt amazing.  Oh and my average heart rate for both running miles was 147bpm and 159bpm, respectively with a max of 178 during my sprint.  Not too bad.

Saturday – Progression treadmill run

A little blurry (men can't take photos) but myself, Darci, John, and Kiera
A little blurry (men can’t take photos) but myself, Darci, John, and Kiera

I said I wasn’t going to do any speedwork until after the Lake Effect half marathon, but realistically I just mean planned speedwork.  I can’t run a steady pace on the treadmill without getting bored, so this kind of run kept me focused with a little challenge.

  • Movement prep prior to starting: mini band walks, world’s greatest stretch, hamstring hip hinges
  • Started right off at 5.5, upping .2 then .3 (to make an even .5 after every 2 sets) every 2:30 until I hit 7.0, then I kept it there for 5:00, bumped down to 6.0 for 2:30, then walked until I reached 3 miles.  I think it was about 2.5 miles of actual running.
  • My ankle was sore in the morning, moreso than it was on Friday.  Once I started running however, it felt better.  It seems to be that the Brooks sneakers may be the ones for me.
  • Then I went to do more physical therapy and core work including the Russian Plank Twists Lauren Fleshman posted (my new favorite), foot hand crawls in all directions, and kneeling overhead presses (which aren’t really presses, but I don’t know that Chris ever told me the official name).
J and I are busy at work.
J and I are busy at work.

After the run, I got ready for my friend’s holiday party at a local bar/concert hall.  He and some friends put on a party for a charity called Owen’s Toybox every year with all ticket sales going straight to the charity.  It’s a great reason to get all dressed up and go out for a good cause… which is exactly what we did!  Darci was in town from Baltimore (she’s going to law school to be a big important public health lawyer — pretty cool) and Kiera came out, too.  And thankfully, I behaved myself so I didn’t have to take a cab home or worry about a hangover.  Oh, and I found out John (the party thrower, and a running buddy) signed up for the Buffalo Marathon as his Christmas present to himself (also his first) so it looks like I will potentially have a running partner for those terrible long runs, or at least portions of them.  Now I’ll just have to convince J that it isn’t that cold outside so he can also run some miles with me when I’m out there for 2-3 hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning in March and April.

Sunday – Rest Day

So. Many. Cookies.
So. Many. Cookies.


I planned to go to the gym but I woke up really sore from yesterday’s core work.  Instead, I laid around being goofy with J, then finally dragged my butt to the store and my apartment, and made cookies.  Clearly it was a successful day.

I didn’t set any goals for myself this week, so yay, I accomplished all my goals!  (That’s how that works, right?)  Oh, but I am excited because Believe I Am announced they had some more training journals for the year and I always wanted one, but always thought “eh, maybe later” but they got me this time when they said they wouldn’t have anymore until September 2014.  So I hopped on it and when checking out tried a random coupon code which happened to give me $19.99 off… the entire price of the journal.  So, that’s pretty freakin’ exciting.  I’m ready for a kick ass year of training now.

Goals for next week:

  • Run four miles straight
    • If I start here and increase just 1 mile every week in my long run, I’ll be at 13 miles the week of the Lake Effect Half Marathon.
  • Run at least 3 times
  • Core work after one run, upper body after another
  • Have a Merry Christmas (this one shouldn’t be too hard!)

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3 thoughts on “Week in Review (12.16-12.22)”

  1. I hope you know I am going to start stealing your spin playlists and use them at home while I have my bike on the trainer. Ill pretend like you are yelling at me to work harder.

    Second. i am obsessed with your black dress and red shoes, you look fabulous.

    Annnndddd good luck and kick butt with your goals. YAY for getting ready for lake effect.


    1. Use them away! I try to use the same kinds of songs that motivate me for running, and make me want to add on the resistance so hopefully they give ya a kick in the ass when you’re on the bike.

      I, too, am obsessed with the black dress and red shoes (can you tell?) I actually wore the shoes to work today because I love them that much! And thank you 🙂

      Also, lake effect currently makes me want to throw up. I’m nervous with this rain… that makes me think lake effect will give us a run for our money!


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