Week in Review (12.9-12.15)

Hanging out at Catwalk for Charity!
Hanging out at Catwalk for Charity!

It feels good to be back into regular training.  I’m really striving to eat better and more often since it directly affects my running.  The oatmeal isn’t cutting it lately so I need to add some protein into my breakfast or else I’m starving within an hour… which isn’t too bad because I try to eat something small every 2-3 hours, rather than three big meals.  It’s just a little annoying when I’m at the office.  Easy and quick breakfast recipes are welcome, especially if I can put them in the crockpot!

  • Monday – 30 min sculpt, 30 min spin
      • Body Sculpt – 15lb weighted bar
        • Instructions: grab a bar heavier than you normally use, unless you just upped your weights.
        • It’s hard to concentrate on form during this class because we have 30 minutes to do everything, but it was pretty successful today.  We did a few new movements (stiff legged deadlifts and good mornings) which we did at a slower pace and we broke down combination exercises into 2 separate (but consecutive) movements, rather that a continuation.
      • Spinning – Intervals
        • I attempted two new types of intervals today: resistance and sprints to fatigue.  They didn’t go over terribly, but they involved some coaching.
        • Resistance intervals: Added on resistance during the chorus rather than pushing the cadence.
        • Sprints to fatigue: Add resistance on really heavy in the saddle, come out to 3rd and pick it up to gain momentum, back to the saddle as soon as momentum is gained and push it as fast as you can for as long as you can.
        • A few people had heart rate monitors again and during the tabata, not one person (after I corrected it the first set) went over 110 rpms!  I was so proud and I pointed it out because it was that awesome.  I’m still so happy!
  • Tuesday – PT, 2 mi run, 60 min sculpt
    I approve of this meal.
    I approve of this meal.
    • Physical Therapy
      • We talked about my ankle bothering me, but apparently it’s moving fine… so no clue what’s going on yet.  I learned some movement prep work to stretch out my hamstrings, something called an inchworm, and side squats.
    • Run – 2.3 miles on the treadmill
      • I hopped on the treadmill before teaching for an easy run – 5 minute walking warm-up, 20 minute MAF run, 5 minute walking cool down.   My ankle started hurting about halfway through.  Cool.
    • Body Sculpt – Katami Bar, 7.5lb free weights
      • This was a small class because the weather wasn’t that great… the good thing was we could do bear walks across the floor pretty easily.  We also did some pike walkouts into push-ups, which were new (usually we don’t push-up), and side squats (hey, physical therapy!)
  • Wednesday – 30 min sculpt, 30 min spin
    We dressed up a bit.
    We dressed up a bit.

    • Body Sculpt – 12lb body bar and green resistance band
      • I tested out the combo band/bar loop for added resistance and I warned the class about it, but they didn’t quite know where I was going so we ditched it after the first 5 reps because everyone was still too heavy… next time!
      • Just another typical class — nothing spectacular or really new.
    • Spinning – Random Mix
      • I didn’t plan out an energy zone ride, we just kind of went with it.  Small class due to the weather, but good workout and effort from those that came.
  • Thursday – Rest…ish
    • I took a half day and went to lunch at Pizza Hut with my Mom (I love the buffet!) so the plan was to digest and hit the gym, but by the time I was ready… the snow started to come down hard and fast.  I ended up doing some PT exercises in my living room instead.
  • Friday – Treadmill, rowing, and PT exercises
    Brian Duff and I!
    Brian Duff and I!
    • Running – 25 minutes
      • 5 minute walking warm-up, 3 minutes running, 2 minutes walking (a few sets) — my ankle started to hurt 15 minutes in so I stopped after a slight cool down.
    • Rowing – 8 minutes
      • The calculator wouldn’t work so I just went hard until I didn’t want to do it anymore… so 8 minutes, ha!  This rower wasn’t as smooth as the water ergs I’ve used before, so I didn’t care to stay on as long as I originally wanted.
    • PT exercises
      • Single leg squats on the bench, bear crawls (forward, backwards, sideways), kneeling raises with kettlebell, world’s greatest stretch, and hamstring stretches
  • Saturday – Elliptical, Stairmaster, and Core
    • Elliptical – incline intervals
      • 10 minute easy warm-up (trying to stay MAF), then 5 minutes at 100% incline, 5 minutes at 30% incline for 20 minutes (not giving a crap about MAF).
      • I decided if I can’t run right now, I’m not going to worry about heart rate during my cross training — I need to keep up my fitness, the only reason I’m concentrating on heart rate is to not pushing my running too fast, too soon… I’m not building an elliptical/rowing/biking base so I’m just going to give myself a good workout with them instead.
    • Stairmaster – 10 minutes
      Oh hey, Ryan Miller
      Oh hey, Ryan Miller!
      • Chris told me that the stairs are a great cross training exercises for me because the movement with your legs is very similar to running.  We want my pelvis stable each time I raise my leg up, just like when running, plus the way I want to land on my foot is similar.  I probably shouldn’t have done this after incline intervals on the elliptical because this was tiring!
    • Core
      • I wanted to try the exercise Lauren Fleshman posted on her Instagram the other day so I set up a stepping box and stability ball and gave it a try.  It’s a lot harder than she makes it look!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, your shins rest on the stability ball while your arms are holding you up on a bench in front, similar to planking.  You take one leg and swing it under, bringing it back onto the ball and switching legs.  It takes so much core stability (something I work on in PT) and upper body strength, too.
      • PT stretches with the jump rope for my hamstrings (my left side really needs some love)
      • Single leg squats with 10 lb weight
  • Sunday – Rest Day!
    So, I somewhat faux hawked my hair (and hair chalked) for the event... I kind of loved it.
    So, I somewhat faux hawked my hair (and hair chalked) for the event… I kind of loved it.
    • My Mom won tickets through work to the Sabres catwalk for charity, which goes towards Ryan Miller’s Steadfast Foundation/Carly’s Club.  The tickets are $200 each (because it’s for charity) but the evening has free food, open bar, and an auction.  I’ve always wanted to go but I never had the money when it came time.  The theme was Cirque du Sabres, so we had to get a little funky in our dress.  It was so much fun.  And I spent most of Monday so hungover.  Who knew that I wouldn’t be able to go out and party into the morning, then go into work the next day?  It wouldn’t have been so bad had we known the food stopped at 8 and if I stuck to gin instead of whiskey at one point… whoops. Anyways, it was a complete blast and I had a fantastic time with my Mom.  I am seriously considering making the donation to go next year — completely worth it.

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