Spinning: Endurance and Strength Rides


Monday, December 2nd, 2013: Endurance Ride

The thought was to introduce the class to the endurance ride with a “Hey!  Thanksgiving just passed, let’s burn all those fat calories!” but I wasn’t adequately prepared for how boring endurance rides can be without a lot of coaching.  It didn’t help that there wasn’t a single soul in class who wore a heart rate monitor.  You can’t stay within a target heart rate below 75% if you’re not wearing one.

I Will Wait – Warm-up, increasing heart rate to 70% MHR
Counting Stars – I’m addicted to this song lately.  We alternated through the positions, but keeping it calm.  Remember, we are trying to keep the heart rate below 75%.
Let’s Hear it For The Boy – Jumps, because I gave up on endurance fast.
American Boy – Climb, because I still gave up on endurance.
Right Round – Hey, let’s try that endurance thing again!
Welcome to the Jungle – Climb
What I Like About You – Saddle intervals, because we needed to switch it up.
Such Great Heights – Saddle intervals again.
Semi-Charmed Life – Quick cool-down and stretch.


Wednesday, December 4th, 2013: Strength Ride

I thoroughly enjoyed this playlist and this ride.  It was the first time I felt like staying in an energy zone was efficient and the class was actually into what I was trying to achieve.  We did not stop at the ends of songs, but tried to roll into the next one with exception to the two songs where we did a heart rate check, for those that were not wearing heart rate monitors.  Yes, that means I had some participants wearing heart rate monitors!

Someday Soon – Warm-up to about 65% MHR (by the way, this is a friend of a friend’s band, so likely you will not find this song on iTunes)
Dressed Up to Undress – Starting off with a climb, hitting the resistance slightly throughout the song in first and third positions
Jump – Is it obvious if we did jumps?
Ocean Avenue – Intervals in the saddle on the chorus
Country Girl Shake It For Me – (Yes, please).  Fast climb, mostly in 3rd.  Add it on in 3rd and saddle up without touching the resistance.
One More Night – Cadence ride throughout the positions, some standing flats.
Right Now – Rolling hills
Super Bass – Cadence ride throughout the positions, a little bit of jumping
Too Close – Heavy, heavy, heavy resistance
Runaway Baby – Sprints to the finish (I actually ran out of time and cut this song out)
I’ve Tried – Longer cool down to bring MHR down slowly


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