Week in Review (11.25 – 12.1)

Well, I had high hopes for this week with all the days off from work but… things happened.  Things like a calf strains.  Yes, both calves.

  • Post Turkey Trot (you can't even tell the pain I'm in!)
    Post Turkey Trot (you can’t even tell the pain I’m in!)

    Monday – 30 min body sculpt, 30 min spin

    • Body Sculpt w/ 8lb free weights and a disc
      • Since this was my only time seeing this group today, I ran them into the ground (in a good way!)  I actually killed my legs so I was sore until I ran the Turkey Trot on Thursday.
      • Tons of gliding side lunges, backwards lunges, and squats – all solo and with combos of upright rows, underhand curls, hammer curls, shoulder press
      • Core was pretty hard – lowering our legs every :15 for 1:00, Russian twists with weights, and even walking push-ups (killer for the chest!)
    • Spinning – Interval Class
      • I tested out a Spinning Energy Zone and it was really hard, not physically necessarily, but because I was concentrating so hard and nobody was wearing a heart rate monitor.
      • The class was hard at least I believe, my muscles were absolutely exhausted at the end of the night.
  • Tuesday – 60 min body sculpt
    • Body Sculpt – 7.5lb free weights and a disc
      • The disc went so well the day before and I hadn’t used it in a long time with this group, so we stuck with it.
      • I did the same type of workout as the day before but slower.  I also broke down the movements before combining them since I’m allowed that luxury in an hour class.  The additions: mountain climbers, plank hip twists, skull crushers, supermans, and breast stroke with the disc.
  • Wednesday – All out rest!
    These are the most Buffalo cookies ever.
    These are the most Buffalo cookies ever.
    • Prepping for my Revenge Race.
  • Thursday – Turkey Trot 8k
      • I aimed to run fast, but stayed within 85-90% of my max, I’d say.  Cardiovascularly, I was okay to run faster and further.  My legs, on the other hand, had a different idea of what was going to happen.  It is my first non-PR since I started racing again, but that’s okay.  It should be a non-PR!  Read about the race recap here.
  • Friday – Rest
    Buffalo Cookies
      • My calves were still so sore (and I was so tired from shopping) that I laid on the couch all day.  When I had to go up, I couldn’t walk normal because flexing my calves were so utterly painful.
  • Saturday – Rest
      • I did a little small business shopping on the Elmwood strip, which was my only exercise.  It was about 3 miles of walking, not including in the stores, but it was needed.  It was still incredibly painful.
      • I was successful in making cookies because I bought this cute little cookie cutter, though!
  • Sunday – Rest

    • More rest, still sore.  J and I were going to cut a tree down at a farm, but when I went to Home Depot for a stand, their trees were cheaper priced and actually decent looking… so I picked one up.  And I spent the day decorating and making soup (somewhat failed at it, too).
I turn it on every chance I get.
I turn it on every chance I get.

I’m okay with all the rest I took, despite wanting to workout through the holiday.  I was so sore that it probably would have helped to workout a little, but I was limping so badly around my apartment I wasn’t sure it was even worth it.  Besides, with gearing up for the holidays, everything is going to get busier so I’ll take the “me” time when I can have it!

This upcoming week I plan to get back into the swing of things and get a run or two in, depending on how the calves feel.  I honestly cannot believe how badly they hurt after that race.  Was it worth it?  Yup.


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