Gearing Up for the 2014 Year

It’s hard to believe that it’s December already.  Where did the year go?  Parts of the past year feel like they happened yesterday, but then oddly enough some things feel like they happened 6 years ago.  I suppose that’s how life goes; every time I flipped the calendar to the next month I found myself unable to believe another 30 or 31 days passed.

I already have three big races on my calendar for the upcoming year, completely booked, paid for, and on the calendar.  I have a handful that I fully intend to sign up for, but prices don’t change and it doesn’t sell out so I’m not registered yet, and then a couple that sound fun (probably because of the race swag).  


  • Sunday the 26th – Penguin Run (5k)
    • Flat course, sweatshirt, and lunch buffet afterwards for $30?  It sounds like something I could pencil in last minute.


  • (Credit)
    Sunday the 23rd – Lake Effect Half Marathon
    • I get to meet Hollie, Laura, and Heather!
    • Totally not a time-goal race because, well, look at that… but definitely a goal as in, working towards it in my training for the first mesocycle of my macrocycle (look at me using fancy words because I started reading too many running articles to prepare for creating my marathon training plan).


  • Saturday the 1st – Shamrock Run 8k
    • Great swag, fun course last year, and holds my PR
    • The first time I will run a race (or run at all) within a week after a half marathon… but also the first time a half marathon isn’t my goal race
  • Saturday the 29th – Spring Forward Distance Run 15k
    • Ran this last year and loved the course – challenging, but fun
    • Perfect opportunity to toss in a distance tempo run on hills
Envirun 5K Shirt (new favorite)
Envirun 5K Shirt (new favorite)


None yet, but the Envirun this past year was an easy course that had a small group, so I had ample opportunity to place.  They also had fun swag afterwards, plus I won a beer glass as 3rd in my age group.


  • Sunday the 25th – Buffalo Marathon
    • Goal race! Goal race! Goal race!
    • First marathon! First marathon! First marathon!


None yet, because I might be dead.


None yet, in case I’m still dead.  Though, the Subaru 4 Mile Chase is usually in July and that supposedly has a great after party, which I didn’t attend because I was bitter that I could not run because I was injured… even if I did pay for my entry.


  • Sunday the 31st – The Biggest Loser Half Marathon
    • Goal half marathon race, should be interesting to race in what will likely be hot weather
    • I fully intend to meet Jeff and Francelina, too.


None yet.


None yet.


  • Saturday and Sunday, the 8th and 9th – The Dirt Cheap Stage Race
    • I’ve attempted to do this race the past two years and have failed (last year, NYC for work and this year, injury).  I will do this race next year.


None yet.

Essentially my training for the year is going to break down into four races — the Lake Effect Half Marathon (preparing distance slowly, not any speed work), the Buffalo Marathon (my year goal), the Biggest Loser Half Marathon (aiming to PR), and finally the Dirt Cheap Stage Race (aiming to successfully finish a hard trail stage race).  Of course, in between that I’ll be racing some local 5k’s because I’m still fighting to go sub 22, which I would have done this summer had I not gotten injured.  I’m really happy with what the next year is going to hold and I’m very excited to get back into running smart!


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