Week in Review (11.18 – 11.24)

I get that as a fitness instructor I should be leading by example, but sometimes you need a Chicken Finger sub for lunch during your Spinning certification.
I get that as a fitness instructor I should be leading by example, but sometimes you need a Chicken Finger sub for lunch during your Spinning certification.

I’d consider this a pretty exciting week: MRI results, my first “run”, date night with J, and Spinning certification.  I don’t feel as though I really got a break all week, but it was full of things I love.  When you have the ability to do all the things you love, you can’t really complain about being busy, can you?  Being grateful for everything you can do, even when it’s tough and you might not want to, is important — appreciate it all.

    • Monday: 30 min body sculpt, 30 min spin
      • Body Sculpt w/ 12 lb body bar
        • We have this new class at the gym called Revolution where they do 30 minutes of spinning and about 30 minutes of weights with body bars, which is cool and all but… now all the 15lb body bars are basically gone and that’s my bar (and the bar of a lot of other participants) so that was not a nice surprise.
        • The class was smaller but we were able to have more room for our activities.  Since I was using a lighter bar, I had to really judge the class based on what they were looking like to decide how many reps we were doing.
      • Spinning
        • Now that I’ve learned that indoor fitness equipment (besides the treadmill) does not account for resistance and only the RPM or SPM, I’m no longer paying any attention to how many miles were on the bike. It’s irrelevant and completely inaccurate.
        • A fun playlist and new riders today, which was exciting.  We did some different workouts than normal and I cut down the recovery time between sets, pushing the class a bit and testing myself.  I even did a set where we continued a climb from one song into the next (oh my!) but it worked out well.
    • Tuesday: 36 min elliptical, 60 min spin
      • Elliptical
        • Another early morning workout (awesome!) while catching up on TV shows.   I watched the latest episode of The Mindy Project, which I’ve learned is a terrible idea in the gym.  I fought back from laughing so  hard during this.
        • The large part of this workout was incline on 10 (out of 20) and resistance on 5 (out of 20) staying within MAF.
      • Body Sculpt: 8lb weights and step with 3 risers on each side
        • I switched things up big time for this class and everyone was pretty receptive to it, but obviously some more than others.  I told everyone to grab their typical free weight, but then one a little heavier.  I also said to add a riser on each side more than what you’d normally do in class — for me this was 3 risers on each side and an 8lb weight (because I just bumped it to 7.5lbs).
        • The goal of this class (which I explained) was to do less reps and at a slower tempo, without combination movements but with a heavier weight.  I wanted everyone to stick with that heavier weight for as long as they could, but if needed they could switch to their lighter set.
        • We did three sets: One set of reps (16 for most – one side at a time, 32 for more developed groups like biceps and legs) per muscle group (shoulders, biceps, triceps, back, legs, chest, core), then took a water break.  Each set used different movements for that muscle group.
This is what a rest day looks like (and it's amazing): J's going to be mad if he knows I tossed this onto the internet.
My idea of a rest day.  Also, J’s going to be mad if he knows I tossed this onto the internet.
  • Wednesday: 30 min body sculpt, 30 min spin
    • Body Sculpt  – Red resistance band
      • I told the class to only grab a resistance band which provoked an “uh oh” among some of the participants – “That means this one is going to be really tough.” Ha!  I’m glad that’s what they think, but I also find it interesting.
      • We tried out some new partner exercises which was so-so.  They take a little more coaching and one worked while one flopped.  I know some people appreciated trying something new, but since it’s a 30 minute class some of the more dedicated women who are all about being drenched and out of breath for the entire class weren’t too fond of an activity that involves explaining and doing it slow first.  I do appreciate that the majority are okay with the “live and learn” attitude I kind of bring to class — they understand I want to try new things and keep them interested, but sometimes they just don’t work out and they aren’t upset when something flops and we chuck it to never do it again.
    • Spin
      • This was the biggest group I’ve had in my class (about 14 people).  It doesn’t seem like a lot and compared to classes I’ve taught at other locations, it really isn’t… but I think a lot of dedicated riders tend to come to the class just before mine or earlier in the evening.  Some of my sculpters who don’t ride decided to come and that felt pretty awesome, I’m hoping they decide to continue coming.
  • Thursday – Rest!
    • I thought about running because I found out that I can run again but I opted for a rest day.  J was feeling run down the day before and still in that rut and I wanted to nap more than anything… so I did.  It was glorious.  Plus, I got my heater fixed because I was home when the maintenance guys came around to check the smoke detectors.  Win-win-win.  The third win is because I ate Panera Mac & Cheese.
  • Friday – Run/Walk for 3.4 miles!!
    I'm not a "gym selfie" girl.   But I am a "this is my first run back since I was told to not run" girl.
    I’m not a “gym selfie” girl. But I am a “this is my first run back since I was told to not run” girl.
    • I have to slowly get back into running Chris said.  I considered doing a little biking or elliptical to warm-up or cool-down, but stayed on the treadmill the entire time instead.
    • 2% incline, starting with walking – 2:00 walk at 3.5mph/2:00 run at 5.5mph, always staying within MAF range on the run portion.  This lasted for 10:00.  Then the next 27:00, I would walk 1:00 at 3.5mph and run for 2:00 at 5.5mph and then slowing it down a notch as my heart rate approached MAF (150bpm).  At 37:00 into the workout, I walked for about another 13:00 with 0% incline at 3.5mph until I hit 3.4 miles and finished watching the latest episode of The Biggest Loser.
    • Then I ate a hearty dinner on my date with J.  That hearty dinner lasted into Saturday night… and Sunday afternoon.  Yes, that much food.
  • Saturday – Spinning Certification
    • I learned a lot and worked out a little.  We spent about 2 hours on the bike, but it was largely mindless pedaling with quick spurts of examples and games like “Guess the cadence!”
    • My ladybits hurt.
  • Sunday – Run/Walk for 3 miles and Elliptical
    • Run – 3 miles, 2% incline
      • Running felt really good today.  Like so good that I just wanted to keep going and it kind of felt easier than anything I ran prior to taking those three weeks off.
      • On 2% incline the entire time, half mile walking warm-up (9:07), then two miles of 2:00 run/1:00 walk (12:34, 12:37 respectively), then half mile walking cool-down (8:27)
    • Elliptical – Finished New Girl (23:17)
      • Just nice and easy!  I thought about keeping it up to MAF, but the purpose of hopping on the elliptical was just to stretch out the legs and get some easy cardio time on.  If I can’t add the miles, might as well just get my body used to working for that length of time for when I do start to add in miles.

My goals this week are going to be pretty simple.

  • Log, log, log. I started using Digifit because the graphs are interesting, but I bought a composition notebook to track since I can keep that to myself and be as detailed as I find necessary.  Time to see how sleep, water, and food actually affects how things go for training!
  • Don’t kill myself at the Turkey Trot.  Really.  Do not race it.
  • Get some miles and time on the elliptical in, even though it is a holiday weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Week in Review (11.18 – 11.24)”

  1. Nice job this week! Or last week I guess. I’m really glad to hear you are starting to be able to run again. It sounds like you are having a blast. You will feel so much better getting to the gym during the Holiday weekend (well I know I do so just assume everyone else does…ha ha…).


  2. Yay for getting the spin cert done! I really admire how awesome you are still keeping at things, and am super pumped you are able to start working some running in!

    Don’t kill yourself at the turkey trot- save that for when we all kill ourselves at Lake effect (read: when we all turn into snow monsters)


    1. Awww, thanks!

      The plan wasn’t to kill myself at the Turkey Trot, but I just ran into Aunt Awful (see DM if you’re curious, though I might rant a post out later) and therefore I have to somewhat run decently otherwise I’m not hearing the end of it. I refuse to let them beat me!


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