Spinning Playlists (11.18 & 11.20)

I stepped out of my comfort zone a little this week with my music and picked a few items that I normally wouldn’t choose.  Thankfully, it worked out decently well and both classes seemed into the rides.  My second class of the week was a bit larger, including some women who typically only come to my body sculpt class so that was awesome.  I hope they continue to come!

Exciting news, though!  On Saturday, I received my Spinning certification (more on that in another post) so going forward, the way I address my playlists will change and hopefully the way I teach my classes will also change.  While I’ve been creating a solid class and have been successful (judging by participant feedback), I’m going to shift from thinking about each class.  No longer will classes be dictated by the playlist.  Instead my goals will dictate the class.  I never created a class based on a specific goal besides giving everyone a hard workout… which actually is possible without hitting every single type of skill in a class (cadence ride, sprints, jumps, climbs, jumps on a hill, etc.) but I never thought of it that way.

So here’s my last set of “playlist” dictated classes.  Next time you hear from me regarding Spinning, it’ll be more effective and with purpose.  Not necessarily hitting a climb, sprint, jump, etc. in every single class (or using each song as an opportunity for a skill).

11.18Monday, November 18th, 2013:

Anything Could Happen – Warm-Up
Rolling in the Deep – Fast climb in and out of the saddle
You Make Me – Cadence ride
Sandstorm – Intervals in the saddle with :30 hard and :30 recovery (pretty proud of this one because I didn’t let the music dictate what I was doing — funny that I’d learn about that over the weekend!)
Jigga What/Faint – Climb
Viva la Vida – Jumps
Zoot Suit Riot – Sprints out of the saddle
Before He Cheats – Climb
Hey Porsche – Jumps
(Ran out of time for I’m Blue)
Gives You Hell – Cool down


Wednesday, November 20th, 2013:

Pump It – Warm Up
T.H.E – Hill
Ooh Ahh Just a Little Bit – (Sometimes the ’80s are fun!) Saddle intervals- quick cadence (80-85rpm) and intervals on the chorus pushing about 10 more rpms
Sex on Fire – Sprints out of the saddle
The Edge of Glory – Sprints out of the saddle
Timber – Jumps
Ecuador – Intervals in the saddle
Roar – Shortened climb
Marry You – Cool Down

I didn’t bother going too much into detail with these playlists largely because it’s irrelevant in my eyes.  It’s not necessary to gear every song towards a specific skill, but choose a skill overall and incorporate that over the class… next time ’round though, expect a more exciting overview!


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