Pet Peeves – Round 3

Originally I titled this round two because I thought I only had one previous post about pet peeves, but upon searching it appears I have two.   Here we have Pet Peeves #1 and Pet Peeves #2, in case you want to really channel your inner runner rage after reading this.  (Are you really that sadistic?)

Moving on…

I read two articles last week and I’ve been debating ever since on if I wanted to address them with my own opinion.  One article is incredibly awesome and one very much less so.  I know, I know — I shouldn’t even bother linking to the [unpopular] op-ed article, but if I didn’t and you had no idea what I was referring to, you’d Google it anyways.  I’ll save you the trouble.

Let’s start with Chad Stafko and “OK, You’re a Runner. Get Over It”.  

Yes, I posted this on 3 social media websites when it happened.  Yes, I was proud of my 15 minutes PR for a half marathon.  No, I don't care if you care (or don't).  And six months later, I still do not.
Yes, I posted this on 3 social media websites when it happened. Yes, I was proud of my 15 minutes PR for a half marathon. No, I didn’t care if anyone cared (or didn’t). And six months later, I still am not interested in that.

I wasn’t offended when I read the article.  And I wasn’t offended when I saw Facebook and Twitter friends sharing the link with an emphatic “YES!”  Even before the article, I wasn’t offended by people complaining on social media about the people who automatically post their Run Keeper, Map My Run, etc. workouts.  Why should I be?  I run because I love it, I’m proud of my accomplishments, and I talk to those who are close to me about it.  I don’t expect anyone (but I appreciate if the people I love do) to care about it.  I don’t run for anyone but myself and certainly not an opinionated writer who doesn’t get it.

Stop being offended, runners.  Please, just stop.  (Pet Peeve #1 today:  Runners being offended by non-runners who don’t understand.)

The thing about people like Chad Stafko and those who agree with him is they are simply ignorant in regards to running.  And the thing about using the word ignorant is many people are ignorant of the correct definition: lacking knowledge or information, resulting from or showing a lack of knowledge.

I’m ignorant to many things, particularly other cultures.  And that’s “okay” (continue reading before getting all bent out of shape).  If you knew everything about everything, what fun would that be?  How would you grow and learn?  It’s just important to keep an open mind.  This is where we (runners) come in.  Plenty of people don’t “get it” and they won’t, but education through making big events easily accessible (like the NYC Marathon, Boston Marathon, USATF events, etc.) to the nation (and world!) via all platforms, especially TV is crucial.  Programs like Girls on the Run (and I’m sure there’s a boys equivalent somewhere, right?) are key to getting youth involved early and promoting awareness of a fun, healthy activity… and yes, sport.  

Now, onto the amazing Lauren Fleshman article…

I don’t know if I can even tell you how much I love this post.  Everyone should read it, runners, non-runners, young, old, men, and women… everyone!  (Pet peeve #2 today: People working out endlessly only to be totally unhappy with the results day after day, week after week, and month after month.  In addition to this, people who take a look at somebody who they know exercises regularly and claim things like, “Stop pushing out your belly!” or “Please, you look nothing like that.”)

2 drinks into "drink baby" and that's with Spanx.  So what?
2 drinks into “drink baby” and that’s with Spanx. So what?  It’s natural.

Maybe it’s not common knowledge but when you put food in your mouth, it needs to go somewhere and it tends to make your stomach expand visibly.  Those people with six-pack abs and super toned bodies aren’t walking around like that all the time.  Do you know how difficult it is to walk around sucking in your stomach all day?  I tried it once at the beach.  It’s a good way to not enjoy yourself.

It’s funny because I bought a pair of Spanx about a year ago to wear under a form fitting dress.  The woman who cashed me out said, “I know you’re not buying this for yourself.”  Oh, but I was.  And you know what?  I wear it every time I wear that dress because when you’re at a wedding indulging in every yummy appetizer, entree, and sweet that comes across your plate… you have a food baby.  And food babies are not cute when you’re drinking alcohol because sometimes people think it’s a real baby and you’re pegged as a bad mom-to-be.

And the thigh cheese comment is perfect.  Did you know it’s partially genetic, too?

So thank you, Lauren Fleshman for providing some insight on elite athletes that everyone needs to see.  

And please everyone, try to be less offended (and less offensive).


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2 thoughts on “Pet Peeves – Round 3”

  1. I have 100% the same thoughts you do regarding that article. I had no desire to post anything about it because honestly-I love to run. It’s what I like to do and if it bothers people so be it…it’s still what I love to do. People get their panties in a bunch too much.


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