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I’ve been receiving a Stridebox for about seven months now and I think it might be the best purchase I automatically make each month (next to Hulu Plus, of course).  Every time I think about cutting back on expenses I don’t need, Stridebox crosses my mind but I can’t bring myself to cancel my membership.

Mesh bag received in one month's stridebox (Runners World magazine on the floor not included.)
Mesh bag received. (Runners World magazine on the floor not included.)

For those of you unfamiliar with Stridebox, it’s a monthly $15 subscription which is automatically charged to whichever form of payment you provide and can be canceled at anytime.  The boxes are different each month and are shipped (with tracking!) to your door the first week of every month.  I think each box I’ve received thus far has had at least one thing included that isn’t edible or one-time use, so you’re guaranteed to get your month worth for sure.  Some things I’ve received in the non-edible, keep forever category: The Klitch, Stridebox water bottle, Lock Laces, Foot Rubz massage ball, Stridebox training log, Stridebox cooling towel, and Stridebox mesh gear bag.  Oh and I can’t forget each box comes with a different sticker with some kind of run related saying.  I have just been hoarding them for the perfect moment, but one did end up on my car!

For me, this is a great option because I love discovering new ways to fuel, hydrate, and especially things to snack on but I hate committing to purchasing something online or in a store where it doesn’t seem worth it if I don’t like it.  Plus for the things I do like, the “road map” offers a discount code to purchase more at a cheaper price.

Since a lot of things about this aspect of running are trial and error; Stridebox gives you the opportunity to use trial and error that much easier.  I’ve been keeping the little “road maps” that come with each box because keeping empty wrappers around my apartment and at my work desk made me look more like a slob than anything.

Betty Lou’s – Just Great Stuff Bar

  • “What are Superberries? The acai berries, goji berries, cranberries and raspberries in this bar are “super” because they are full of powerhouse antioxidants and dietary fiber, and it doesn’t hurt that they taste great! Acai berries also contain healthy unsaturated fatty acids that have a ratio similar to olive oil. We use only organic freeze dried acai berries because freeze drying captures all the rich nutrients that this great fruit has to offer!” – Betty Lou’s
  • Seriously freakin’ tasty, but at $1.97/bar (if you buy the 12-pack through, I’m just a little too cheap. However, you can purchase these on for $12.90/box ($1.08/bar!)

Bonk Breaker Bites – Peanut Butter & Jelly

I clearly loved this item because I took a picture of it this summer and it's still on my phone (which I regularly clear out).
I clearly loved this item because I took a picture of it this summer and it’s still on my phone (which I regularly clear out).
  • “Classic PB&J Bonk flavor in a perfect bite size portion” – Stridebox
  • I never heard of Bonk Breaker until I received them in my Stridebox, but apparently they are big among the triathlon community and I can see why.  I remember eating this before a run that I was doing after work and I never had that much energy in my life… it was honestly surprisingly that little bit of food could make me feel the way it did.
  • Another expensive product (aren’t they all?) at $1.50/package when ordering a 12-package box on their website and unfortunately, they aren’t any cheaper on

Bearded Brothers – Natural Energy Bar

  • “Handmade energy bars  that are 100% organic, gluten-free, vegan friendly and amazingly delicious, all in a compostable wrapper!” – Stridebox
  • Amazingly delicious?  Yes.  I ate it before a class and it was just enough snack to get me through an hour and a half of teaching, didn’t upset my stomach, didn’t give me a crazy surge of energy, but was just enough.
  • These are more expensive than the previous bars at $3 a piece through the website when bought in a case of 12 and they are only sold individually for $4 each on

Healthy to Go! Acai Energy Drink Mix

  • This one came in my Stridebox water bottle with a ton of other hydration mixes (including the usuals like Nuun and Gu Brew, which I will recommend both whole-heartedly).
  • I don’t like to use full hydration mixes (even my Nuun tablets I break in half) but since this one seemed even more potent, I split it in 1/3 of the little pack for a 20 ounce water bottle.  I had so much energy it wasn’t even funny and I’m not one to be affected by caffeine or sugar much.  If you’re a one cup of coffee person, think three cups in a row type of energy.  I can only imagine what would have happened if I used the full recommended serving – the entire package in a 16.9 oz water bottle!
  • Very tasty and pretty inexpensive if you go by their servings ($25 for 24 servings), but given how I would be using it, it’s more like $25 for 72 servings.  Knowing this, I’m not sure why I haven’t purchased this yet.  It provided a better kick than coffee.

Happy Squeeze – COCO Orange Mango

  • “100% Organic, made with coconut milk and crammed with vitamins and minerals.  A great pre or post-run snack.” – Stridebox
  • It took me until the next Stridebox to actually try this because I’m really weirded out by thick liquids in a funky container, plus coconut milk and it doesn’t need to be refrigerated… eeehhhh.  I’m glad I gave in and tried it though, I wished there was more leftover when I finished.
  • You can find these on for $19/12 pack, so I won’t be buying them but if I saw them in the store, I’d definitely pick a few up for when I’m on-the-go (always).

Honey Stinger – Organic Stinger Waffle

  • “Certified organic waffle sweetened with honey in an easy to carry snack size.  Use this waffle during training, or as a healthy snack.” – Stridebox
  • Um, I just want to snack on this all day, every day.  I don’t want to eat any other kind of food.  And I’m disappointed that I wolfed it down in like 1.2 bites (it was that good).  I’m not sure it gave me any energy, it was just really freakin’ delicious (do you see a theme among the things I like here?)
  • A box of 16 on their website is about $23, or $1.43 each (unless you buy 12 boxes, you can get 10% off… but $200+ of Honey Stinger Waffles seems excessive when it only brings down to $1.21 each), but you can buy them on for $18 in a 16-pack ($1.13 each!)
The only Stridebox sticker to end up somewhere permanent, so far.
The only Stridebox sticker to end up somewhere permanent, so far.

Granted there are dozens of other things I’ve tried and liked from Stridebox so far but these are the ones that have really stood out to me.  I have an interesting bar in this month’s box called the Epic Bar.  It’s Turkey, Almond, Cranberry and J keeps asking if I’ve eaten it yet.  It’s intriguing and actually… I’m a little hungry still from another Stridebox snack I just ate (chili nacho cheese protein chips) so I might dig in!

Edit: I did dig in.  It was like a turkey jerky.  Tasty and big enough to curb my hunger, but not something I’d do again.  You win some, you lose some!

Also, I didn’t review this for any reason other than I really like Stridebox, it’s been on the back burner for a couple months now, and I’m out of anything exciting to write about while I’m awaiting the MRI results.


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