Spinning Playlists (11.13 & 11.17)

I had Monday off (even though I didn’t run the race over the weekend), so these playlists are from the half hour class on Wednesday and the hour class on Sunday.  After teaching mini-spin classes for so long, going into an hour class feels like forever (and really hurts the ladybits!) but this hour playlist flew by and I had a lot of fun with it.  That just goes to prove that a good playlist can be incredibly motivating for a workout, but unfortunately not everyone has the same taste in music or desires during the workout.


Wednesday, November 13th, 2013:

Run the World (Girls) – Set up music
Conga – Warm-up!  This is my new favorite “pump you up” song and I’m not sure why it’s taken me three months to toss in some Gloria Estefan into my class.
Kryptonite –   Sprints out of the saddle:  Fast cadence for the verse (95 or so), add 3 turns on for the chorus and sprint out of the saddle.  There are 3 sprints and the 2nd one comes up really quick, so be prepared to not have much recovery.
Jump – Jumps that I make up as I go, 8 count/4 count and all positions.
Holding Out for a Hero – Last time I did this as sprints, but I much prefer it as a long set of rolling hills.  Fast cadence, alternating saddle and third position as necessary.
Super Bass – Cadence ride and slight recovery
Don’t U Stop Tabata – 8 sets of :20 hard/:10 rest
Hey, Soul Sister – Stretching (the last :40 of the previous song are cool down)


Sunday, November 17th, 2013:

So. Much. Fun. with this playlist (and the class).

Anything Could Happen – Warm-Up
Billie Jean – Intervals: After the chorus pick it up for short surges of about :15, one in the saddle, then out of the saddle in third, then back to the saddle (somewhat easy, still warming up)
Bring Me to Life – Hill starting in the saddle, finishing in third – no recovery
Stronger – This is a warm-up on the tabata CD, but I don’t treat it as that.  It works well with some interval surges: Quick cadence on about 7/10 resistance for verse (about 95rpm) and then surge at the chorus towards 110 rpm
As Long As You Love Me – Reverse Hill: Start with heavy in the saddle resistance, basically to the max but still able to pedal very slowly.  The whole song is basically come out to third and don’t touch the dial (feels easier), then turn it down and saddle up, then come out into third and don’t touch the dial, then turn it down and saddle up, etc. until the end.
Green Light – Fast cadence with surges all in the saddle
Conga – Easy jumps (somewhat of a recovery song)
Holding Out for a Hero – Rolling hills, fast cadence between saddle and third position.  Try to match the beat of the song (on +5% tempo increase) no matter what the position or resistance
Gettin’ Jiggy With It – Easy jumps (somewhat recovery)
Kryptonite – Sprints out of the saddle: quick cadence (about 90-95rpm) on verse, add 3 turns, out into 3rd for the sprint. Second one is quick, no recovery!
Eye of the Tiger – Steady hill in saddle and third
Lucky Strike – Sprints out of the saddle (same as Kryptonite)
Jump – Whatever the class feels they need to finish out the day (with knowing a tabata is at the end of class) – do not rest during this song!
Bulletproof Tabata – 8 sets of :20 hard, :10 rest.  Cool down at the end.
Hey, Soul Sister – Continue cooling down and stretch

After re-living that hour class, I’m exhausted thinking about it again.  That might have been the hardest working playlist/class I’ve put together in a long time.  I usually allow a bit of recovery during each song, but this time we pushed through to the finish and only got about :20 between songs, if that for some! 


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