Week in Review (11.11 – 11.17)

This marks my first complete week of no running (minus the couple dashes I did to the car).  I haven’t quite missed it yet because I’m thoroughly enjoying the easy feel of the elliptical and catching up on TV shows while I’m at the gym, but I am anxious to get this MRI out of the way and learn what my fate is.

  • Chop, chop, chop!
    Cheryl: chop, chop, chop!

    Monday – 5 mi elliptical

    • Elliptical (Precor EFX 546i)
      • Since I took the day off, I woke up at the same time as J (who did not have the day off) and got my butt to the gym.  I knocked off another episode of Law & Order: SVU (I’m in season 12) and an episode of New Girl.
      • 1 mile warm-up, alternating every .25 miles with high resistance, low incline and low resistance, high incline for about 1.75 miles, then finished out 1.25 medium resistance and incline, and then a 1 mile cool-down.
      • The high incline irritated my left hip a little but that’s probably because I haven’t done the physical therapy for it in a long time and it was really tight.
  • Tuesday – 2.5 mi elliptical, 60 min kardio kick, 60 min body sculpt
    • Elliptical (Precor EFX 546i)
      • Took my butt to the gym at 6:30 in order to get a workout in prior to work, even if I had to scrape the ice off my car after the first snow fall (double bonus points for me here!).  I was unsure how much time I’d have to get to work in time, so I kept this short with just 2.5 miles.
      • Changed the incline every half mile: 0, 5, 10, 5, 0
    • Kardio Kick
      • Since I need to learn this class to teach it, I figured I’d hop in.  I was able to keep up with the entire class but my brain was so scattered when it came time to teach my body sculpt class afterwards.
      • Oh, and I didn’t realize how punching and kicking could make me so sore (even without weights!) but it did.  I was dead.
    • Body Sculpt: 7.5lb weights, stability ball, and green resistance band
      • A bit of partner work (rows, triceps, fly) with the resistance band, some push-ups with legs on the ball and planks, and pike to plank were the more memorable exercises
  • Wednesday: 30 min body sculpt, 30 min spin
    • Body Sculpt: 12lb body bar and red resistance mini band
      • I was so exhausted from the day before, I took it a little easy on myself.
    • Spin: 13 miles
      • Nothing too exciting to report!
  • Thursday: elliptical
    • Elliptical: 1.5 miles on Cybex
      • I had to make this workout short because I had a hair appointment to make my hair short (somewhat pun intended).  The Cybex machine is … weird.  I was on the elliptical for 27 minutes but it was only 1.5 miles and I wasn’t doing anything crazy!
      • Every ten minutes I alternated 10 to 20 to 10 on the resistance.  10 was the starting resistance the machine gave me and if I remember correctly, it could go all the way to 100.  I would think I’d travel more than 1.5 miles the way I was ellipticizing but apparently not.
  • Accompanying my Mom to the wedding (new haircut and all!)
    Accompanying my Mom to the wedding (new haircut and all!)

    Friday: elliptical

    • Elliptical: 5.25 miles on EFX 546i
      • I think this is my favorite elliptical so far.  I got through the latest Biggest Loser during this sweat session.
      • I alternated max incline and lowest incline every half mile with the below splits:
        • Mi 1: 10:38.7 (20 incline) 
        • Mi 2: 9:47.3 (0 incline) 
        • Mi 3: 10:21.6 (20 incline)
        • Mi 4: 9:52.9 (0 incline) 
        • Mi 5: 10:22.3 (20 incline) 
        • C/D: 3:23.8 (0 incline)
  • Saturday: Rest!
    • Overtime at work (yes, please)
    • Accompanying my Mom to one of her best friend’s wedding (and being the DD!)
  • I will never laugh at somebody wearing a hat at the gym again.  Best sweat catcher, especially for my short hair!
    I will never laugh at somebody wearing a hat at the gym again. Best sweat catcher, especially for my short hair!

    Sunday: spin

    • Hour Spin: 18 miles
      • I love subbing this class on Sundays.  The women are mostly committed endurance athletes (cycling) but they are all interested in other endurance sports.  I walked into class today to the class discussing triathlons and becoming an Ironman.  How awesome?
      • I broke up this class into 2 big sections for the most part.  We worked really hard for about 20 minutes without giving much recovery time during songs and between songs, then we had an easy song for full recovery (we did jumps, so heart rates didn’t plummet), followed by a hard, fast, but long hill (Holding out for a Hero!), another song of jumps/recovery, and finally finished hard for the last 20 minutes or so.

I guess I pretty much steered off my training plan even though I said I would follow it.  I’m continuing to maintain MAF training when I’m on the elliptical, but I’ve turned my focus more towards about 6 days of working out and making sure to hit the elliptical as often as possible.  We will see what happens after the MRI on Wednesday, but until then, I’ll keep on keeping on.

I didn’t hit 5 elliptical days, but that’s okay because I worked out 6 days this week: about 6 hours and 46 minutes.  I’m working hard to keep up my fitness so when I can start running again, it’s really not killing me.  Though reading about everyone’s Philly Marathon results, I’m getting anxious to put my running sneakers on again.

Bike: 1:20, Elliptical: 2:50, Weights: 1:30, KK: 1:00

Goals for next week: 6 days working out and surviving a full day of spin certification


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4 thoughts on “Week in Review (11.11 – 11.17)”

    1. I feel like setting weekly mileage goals is probably a better way than set runs every day and try to achieve those. Life gets in the way too much for me to stick to a certain day as a certain workout I’m quickly learning.


  1. Seriously, you may not be running right now but you are getting awesome workouts in. That is exciting you are going to teach the kick class– I feel like I would be horrible teaching that because I would lost count sooooo easy LOL.

    Have fun with the spin cert day, probably be a long day but totally worth it!! Oh and I seriously love the hair, super cute! Kind of makes me wish I wasn’t growing mine out!!


    1. The music they give us for the classes are mixed so you can clearly hear the phrases of 16 beats, so long as you are any sort of rhythmically inclined and listen to the tracks once or twice. I’m sure you’d be fine!

      Spin cert is 930-6pm… and $350. Not exactly happy I’ve spent $700 towards a part time job that was to help pay student loans! I don’t think I’ve even made $700 yet! (/end rant)

      And thanks for the compliment! It’s kind of fun having spunky, crazy hair. And totally unlike me!


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