The MRI is Scheduled

I’m officially scheduled for my MRI next Wednesday at 7am and I also got official confirmation of what exactly they are doing it for: tibial stress fracture. I was awaiting a call back (or not call back) before confirming my appointment with the world.  I guess my request didn’t state if contrast was needed so the girl setting my appointment had to call the doctor the next today (Tuesday) to see, and if contrast was needed, reschedule.  No call back = thank God I’m not getting needles.

The longer my leg doesn’t bother me (because I’m not running) the more I wonder if I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill.  Maybe I should try running and see how it feels.  If it feels good, can I cancel my appointment?  Maybe I just needed more than a week of rest!  If it’s a tibial stress fracture, wouldn’t I be in more pain all the time?  This is silly.  So yeah, that’s been my thought process for the past few days.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually enjoying my elliptical time, but what if?

Oh, don’t worry.  I didn’t go out for an intentional run, but I did find out “what if”.  Yes, I’m still injured.  Yes, I’m most definitely getting that MRI.

I decided to take a Cardio Kick class prior to my own, but in the middle of it I realized I left my bag in the car that had the batteries and mic ball.   So I plotted my escape and as soon as they went into cool down, I jogged up to get my keys and out the door into the freezing 28 degree temperature all sweaty in my shorts and tank top, sprinting across the parking lot.  It’s officially winter in Buffalo.

So, I’m freezing and running to the opposite end of the lot, obviously with good form because I can’t heel strike without purposely trying and I’m thinking about how great my ankle feels.  Hey, this isn’t so bad.  Am I fixed?  I take a few more quick steps, grab my stuff, and turn back towards the building.  Wait, there it is.  I will not slow down, it’s too damn cold!  And inside I went, with that lovely feeling I’ve grown so [not] fond of over the past month.

There we have it.  I haven’t run since last Monday and prior to that 10 minute jog last Monday, I hadn’t run since the 3 or 4 easy MAF miles the Monday before.  If my ankle is still twinging up pretty much as soon as I start running with almost two complete weeks of running rest, I’m not feeling too confident about the outlook of this MRI.

You may feel pain along this line (me, me, me!) and apparently it can be considered shin splints.  How about that?  (Source)
You may feel pain along this line (me, me, me!) and apparently it can be considered shin splints. How about that? (Source)

Staying on a positive note, as long as I can accomplish everything else to stay fit (weights, spin, elliptical) then I will be okay.  Let’s not jump the gun. (Okay, I’m somewhat panicking, let’s jump the gun.)   Upon doing some Googling though, it appears the pain I feel can also be known as “shin splints” and the pain follows the line in the diagram to the left (taken from this article/site).  I find this kind of funny because I’ve been running since I was about 11 years old (Wow, did I really fall in love with running that young?  I should stop judging these 9 year olds running 5ks, I guess it is possible.) and I guess I never really knew what a shin splint felt like.  I just assumed it was every time I had pain in my calf on the front/side where you can’t ever get a good stretch.  I never knew it could go up the ankle like that.  The more you know!

Also, still taking requests for the name of said stress fracture… if it comes down to that.  We’ve got Harold so far and I’m not going to lie — it’s feeling very Harold like lately.


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2 thoughts on “The MRI is Scheduled”

  1. hahah, “feeling very Harold like lately.” I think it’s a perfect name (obviously) and now have so much regret that I never named my tibial stress fracture. I was the same way with running when my leg would start feeling better, but I think pushing my self those couple weeks are what turned shin splints to stress fracture. I know my PT told me not to run, but I am also guilty of running to my car a few times lately; it IS cold! I will see you tonight ready to do a million push-ups while giving you the stink eye for making us do them.


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