Training Hiccups

I’ve now created (and am somewhat ditching) two training plans that were supposed to help me get to the start of my marathon training.  Usually, I get a little frustrated when I make a training plan I can’t don’t stick with for one reason or another.  I’m learning though.

I’m learning to not get as upset when I register for a race and I can’t run it because I’m hurt (and we all know that’s happened more than a handful of times since July).  That’s one step away from not being upset if I’m financially able to go on a cruise that happens to fall over the Lake Effect Half Marathon.  I’m learning that it’s okay to take an extra rest day if I’m tired or my plans just simply don’t fit in the run/workout I wanted.  And I’m especially learning that I don’t have to get up to get my workout done first thing in the morning on the weekend, so I can enjoy a few adult beverages the night before and still do what I have to do.  But that also comes with the fact that it’s not 90 degrees at noon anymore — everything changes in the summer!

I can't run it, but I did drive an hour and 20 minutes to still get my drawstring bag.
I can’t run it, but I did drive an hour and 20 minutes to still get my drawstring bag.

I went to see the sports medicine specialist on Friday and the result is to get me an MRI of my ankle.  In the meantime, absolutely no running.  When she told me we’d get the MRI, she kind of had this frown and look that made me worried.  Though she wouldn’t say one way or the other, it was basically “I mean, it might not be a stress fracture, but this is nothing you did and sometimes getting back into activity, this happens.  It’s really not uncommon.”  I’m guessing the fact that it only hurt when she pushed down on the bone wasn’t a good sign for this being tendinitis only, but we won’t know until we know, right?  Once she gets authorization from the insurance, I can set up the appointment and then she’ll call me with the results.

When I was injured over the summer, I just didn’t run.  I was training for spinning and to teach body sculpt, so I got a little workout in but nothing too much.  I just regained the ability to run over the past two months, I’m refuse to cut that fitness out of my routine.  This leaves me with the elliptical (and what I already do when I teach).  I haven’t used an elliptical since college and I was definitely using it wrong when I did it then.  I’d love to do aqua jogging but I don’t really have that ability around here.

I’m going to attempt to stick with MAF training on the elliptical too, I think.  The issue with MAF training is that Maffetone doesn’t think you should weight train because it’s anaerobic and for lack of better words, it stunts the growth of your aerobic system.  I can’t cut that out of my schedule because it’s my job.  I anaerobically train during my 30 minute spin classes, too.  I wonder how much this will really affect my aerobic growth, but at any rate, training strictly in the aerobic zone for most of my workouts has to have some kind of positive growth, right?

I don’t know how the elliptical will correlate to what my running fitness is over time, but I’m going to attempt to stick out the plan I previously created: MAF training plan, if not a little more miles (MAF = less recovery, elliptical = less impact, MAF + less impact = what recovery?)  We’ll see what happens!


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2 thoughts on “Training Hiccups”

  1. I think that ellipticalling will keep your cardio and aerobic fitness up. No it isn’t running but it helps your fitness level (which you have a great amount of!) and when you start running again more, it will be like riding a bike. The legs will see your body is able to handle the cardio and they will follow suit!


    1. I hope so! I’m just so nervous about it! Though this time last year I took two months off ALL exercise and managed to be fine for a half marathon PR at the race I’ll be doing the full at so… Maybe I’ll be okay. Hopefully the bike/elliptical combo keeps me ready for takeoff haha


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