Week in Review (11.4 – 11.10)

Hanging out (#flystyle) at the doctors waiting for the verdict.
Hanging out (#flystyle) at the doctors waiting for the verdict.

After last week’s complete rest from running and everything that wasn’t related to teaching at the gym, I thought maybe I could finally take up running again and coast into a really difficult weekend of trail racing at the Dirt Cheap Stage Race.  Key word in that sentence: thought.  Unfortunately, my only goal for this week was to finish the Dirt Cheap Stage Race without dying and since I’m currently on my couch preparing this blog instead of driving back from Rochester… well, I think you can do the math.  I guess on the bright side, at least I accomplished part of my goal from last week, right?  I mean, I didn’t die running after all.

  • Monday: 10 minute easy run, 30 min body sculpt, 30 min spin
    • Running: 10 minutes = .93 miles (staying within MAF heart rate goal)
      • This was the run where I see how my ankle feels after a full week off of running, especially because physical therapy was scheduled for Tuesday morning.  Unexpectedly, my ankle bothered me the entire run.  I tried to run every single way I could think of (heel striking, complete forefoot striking, landing on the outside/inside of foot) and nothing helped the pain.
    • Body Sculpt: 15lb body bar and red resistance band
      • Finished our warm-up with burpees, which is is my favorite thing to do when we aren’t using a step.  Worked a lot of planks, tried to exhaust each muscle group at once, and I walked away feeling decently sore.
    • Spin: 13 miles
      • A bigger class than I’m used to, including a few newbies.
      • I got really lost in teaching and enjoying the workout so my last “work” song came on and I was basically like, “Hey guys, this one is a sprint in the saddle… ohmyGod it’s 7:45 and class is over, let’s do a super quick stretch and cool down!”  Kind of sucked, but hey that’s a good sign it was a great class!
  • I managed to work Under Armour into my work outfit, while still remaining more dressed up than half the office.
    I managed to work Under Armour into my work outfit, while still remaining more dressed up than half the office.

    Tuesday: PT and 60 min body sculpt

    • Physical Therapy: The bad news
      • Chris worked on my calf pretty hard and it was really sore right around the bone.  When I told him how my ankle hurt even after a week of total running and impact rest, he told me to schedule an appointment back at the sports specialist’s and then get back to him and we’d go from there.
      • Did my typical “run prep” physical therapy session: stretching, World’s Greatest Stretch, Single leg squats, bear crawls, and mini band walks.
    • Body Sculpt: Katami Bar, 15lb Body Bar, and Step
      • Best class ever.  No really, it takes over whatever previous class I said was the best ever.  I was getting everything situated on stage when I looked up into the mirror to instruct the class behind me and was actually surprised at the amount of people there — about 28!
      • I never used a katami bar to teach and only worked with it once in a class I took, so I kind of winged it.  I think we got a pretty good workout with it because my shoulders were burning, even though I used the lighter one (3 lbs.)
      • We worked really hard.  We did two sets of uneven/even pushups: 8 with right arm on bench, 8 with left arm on bench, and then 8 with both hands on the bench.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  I’m pretty sure some people wanted to kill me in the class, but I loved every minute of it.
      • Only downside to the class is when people have become regulars and consistently chat or giggle throughout class.  I wish they could understand just how distracting that is to their fellow gym goers and to the person teaching in front.
  • I got my Nuun finally on Wednesday!  (Longest 3 day wait of my life!)
    I got my Nuun finally on Wednesday! (Longest 3 day wait of my life!)

    Wednesday: 30 min sculpt, 30 min spin

    • Body sculpt: 7lb free weights and step (with 3 risers)
      • Another class where I was getting set up and then looked into the mirror to be surprised at how many people were standing behind me.  Unfortunately, this room maxes out close to 35 people (unlike the other which maxes around 80) so it can be tough to get some things done.
      • This class totally rose to the challenges I put up.  Usually we use just one or two risers, but I pushed them for three.  Almost everyone did it and I didn’t catch anyone taking risers out mid-class (which typically will happen).  I ran through the uneven push-up set I did on Tuesday and when I explained it I saw a lot of shifty eyes, some laughs, and people turning to the person on their sides… but then every single person finished strong.  I’m still proud!
    • Spin: 13 miles
      • I don’t eat nearly enough on the days I teach to support the workouts I’m doing.  It’s somewhat because I don’t have time or I’m not hungry until I can’t eat (like, 5 minutes before class).  I spent a majority of this class convincing myself I would not pass out.
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Vanilla Porter and the menu (in the dark, because turning my flash on to take a picture in a restaurant is a little weird.)
    Vanilla Porter and the menu (in the dark, because turning my flash on to take a picture in a restaurant is a little weird.)

    Friday: Doctors and Rest

    • Sports Medicine Specialist
      • Getting an MRI hopefully sooner than later to see if this little bugger is a stress fracture.  If it is, I’m naming it.  After all, it’s a part of me.  (Suggestions?)
    • Trek to Rochester
      • I still wanted to pick up my packet even though I wasn’t racing (hey, I wanted that drawstring bag!)
      • J and I ate at Rohrbach’s brewery, which I’ve had once before for food, but also taste tested their beer out here in Buffalo and I’m in love with their Vanilla Porter.
      • J was the greatest because he didn’t complain that I drove out there, then had 2 beers, and he had to drive us home — even though I warned him that was a possibility at work.  Hey, I’m injured! — I might as well drink, right?
      • I ran from the door of the brewery to the car and my ankle didn’t hurt.  Not injured anymore or too much beer?
  • Saturday: Elliptical (MAF Test #1)
    • Precor 536i (ish) –  6 miles in 67 minutes
      The closet model to what I was using (according to the console).  The gym probably has an earlier version.
      The closet model to what I was using (according to the console). The gym probably has an earlier version.
      • It was kind of hard to amp myself up to get my heart rate close to MAF at first.  Since it’s been at least 4 years since I’ve been on an elliptical, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  My right knee was bothering me during it and I think it’s because of my knock knees and my leg wasn’t used to my foot pointing forward while maintaining a straight bend in my knee.  It feels okay now that I’m home.
      • Of course, I had to track my splits.
        • Mile 1 (warm-up): 12:36 @ 123bpm
        • Mile 2 – 10:29 @ 141bpm
        • Mile 3 – 10:39 @ 145bpm
        • Mile 4 – 10:37 @144bpm
        • Mile 5 – 10:47 @141 bpm
        • Mile 6 (cool-down): 12:15 @124bpm
      • I didn’t really know what I was doing as far as the CrossRamp and resistance so for the most part, I was on 10 for CrossRamp and 5 for resistance.  I think during mile 2 and 3, I amped it up a little to 11/6, but stuck it out with 10/5.
  • Sunday: Rest
    • I set my alarm to get up at 9 and head to the gym to ellipiticize again, but I went to bed at 1:30am and I was beyond exhausted when the alarm went off.  This might have something to do with tossing and turning over elliptical dreams all night…(Reset for 9:45am) Still really unbelievably exhausted.  (Snooeze twice) Okay, I finally woke up at ten but was still completely exhausted and since I had plans at 12:30, I didn’t know if I wanted to make myself more exhausted… in the end I decided to rest.  And that’s okay.  It’ll get done next week.

Now that I’ve come to terms with the fact that I probably can’t run for longer than a couple weeks and resting isn’t doing anything extra, I’m ready to do something else (the elliptical).  It stinks because the beauty of running is you can do it anywhere, but now I have to plan it out.  I think I’ll have to switch up the workouts I do before work because the 3 miles I had for running factors in coming home to shower after the run and having to maintain a 12:xx pace, but now I’ll be at the gym and my pace is faster.  It’ll probably look a little more like 40-45 minutes on the elliptical, or basically whatever gets me into a shower by 7:00 at the gym.

My goals this week are pretty simple:

  • Get to the gym before work on Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Get 5 elliptical sessions in

Hopefully soon I’ll have an answer about this ankle!


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5 thoughts on “Week in Review (11.4 – 11.10)”

  1. 5 elliptical sessions, you’re crazy. I seriously hate that thing. I don’t know how people feel comfortable on it. I feel like if I let go of the handle I’ll wipe out. I hope it’s not a stress fracture, but if it is I think you should name it Harold.


    1. I think the only reason I’m loving the elliptical is because I’m watching TV on my phone while I do it (so I can choose what’s on better than cable at the gym!)

      I don’t like to do it without holding onto something though, but I don’t use the moving handles… my arms just don’t like that lol.

      And I can definitely go for Harold. That’s a great stress fracture name.


  2. Fingers crossed for answers! The elliptical is such a great tool- can get a solid cardio workout in that uses similar muscles as running without all the impact. I really like it for cross training, and for when my ankle is acting up!


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