Diva Night #2

Photobooth fun!
Photobooth fun!

Fleet Feet in Buffalo sponsors a Diva Night (women only!) every so often where they have a theme, close the store, offer tons of discounts, free gifts for playing/winning games, food and drinks (alcoholic, too!) and door prizes.  I attended my first one ever this past spring and purchased some tank tops, won KT tape and got my favorite pair of socks in my goodie bag (among plenty of other fun things).  Thursday night was yet another Diva Night and it was just as fabulous, if not more, than the last one.

If you brought a personal hygiene product, you got a ticket towards door prizes.  You could earn more for every $50 you spend.  I only earned one ticket because I really shouldn’t be spending money, so I brought a toothbrush and toothpaste.  You also got 3 tickets to play their 3 games which you’d win chips for (the theme was casino night) and then depending on how many chips you won, you chose a prize.  I earned 3 chips (medium prize) and picked a Nuun water bottle because I’m so jealous when I see people with theirs.

More photobooth fun (clearly unprepared here)
More photobooth fun (clearly unprepared here)

I bought some reflective gear because I know I need it — a strappy vest thing (it basically reminds me of seatbelts to wear) and this 3m reflective tape that has one huge chunk and five smaller pieces.  Apparently when you stick it on something it’s permanent, but you can wash it and it stays.  For both it came to under $30 and every purchased earned their goodie bags which came with a lot of super fun stuff.

I didn’t win any door prizes, but that’s okay.  I had a lot of fun eating cheese and crackers and sipping Champagne (how perfect is that?), plus they had a photo booth which is obviously my favorite.  And they announced some exciting news that for the first time ever:

Swag 1I was really excited about this until I realized Bob Harper won’t even be there.  But Jeff Nichols and Francelina Morillo will be and it’s really cute that they’re dating and I did like them a lot.  It’s also exciting that before January 31st, it’s only $45 for a half marathon.

So in all, I walked away with some not necessary but free swag (including a pair of Zensah compression sleeves that Cheryl won last time, but couldn’t trade in for a bigger size (only downfall of winning samples) she gave to me today) and really reflective gear that I absolutely needed because if I run outside at any time before or after work, it’s dark out.  And I don’t have a death wish.

Swag 2Diva Night Swag:

  • Pink Zensah compression sleeves (thanks Cheryl!)
  • Pink Brooks shoelaces (in gift bag free with purchase)
  • Asics socks (gift bag – my absolute favorite sock)
  • Gu in Salted Caramel (gift bag)
  • Cliff Gel in Double Espression (gift bag)
  • Lemon Lime Nuun (gift bag)
  • Bottle Opener (gift bag)
  • Cliff Bar in Coconut Chocolate Chip (gift bag)Swag 3
  • KT Tape Pro (gift bag)
  • KT Tape (gift bag)
  • Fleet Feet reuseable bag (the gift bag)
  • Reflective gear straps (purchased – $23)
  • 3M Reflective stickers (purchased – $4)
  • Nuun water bottle (game prize)

Since the last Diva Night was six months ago, I’m going to assume they hold a Diva night every six months.  Now that I know this, I have full intentions of saving money so I can actually drop some cash without feeling guilty.  I didn’t feel guilty about the $30 I dropped today because I rationalized it all pretty well — I dropped Verizon and switched to Aio ($25 savings/month), I started shopping more at cheaper stores for groceries, I’m working 4 hours of overtime next Saturday, and I picked up 5 classes at the gym.  I mean, I can totally spend $30 on absolutely necessary running gear without feeling guilty if I put all that into account!

Besides — I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who finds the need to rationalize their spending in regards to this hobby!


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