Spinning Playlists (11.4 & 11.6)

I missed my (just) thirty minute spin classes after teaching so many 45 and 60 minute ones too, last week.  I used to think “What can I even get done in 30 minutes?” but honestly, that’s the perfect amount of time for a spin class for me.  You get a couple of each type of workout in and don’t have to worry about being exhausted for that last sprint or last climb of an hour class, because let’s face it — you’re too exhausted to give it 100% by the time those last songs come around in the longer classes.  And I’m convinced that if you aren’t, you’re blood doping or you didn’t push yourself in the first portion of class.  (Somewhat joking — to me, I just found a way to be efficient in 30 minutes on the spin bike).


Monday, November 4th, 2013:

I went on a Bieber kick and I don’t have any shame in admitting this.  Also, this playlist above is not in the order as we did it in class!

Slow Down – Warm up, through all positions
Smooth Criminal – Intervals in the saddle on the chorus
Timber – officially my new favorite song even if I do hate Pitbull and Ke$ha) Cadence ride through all positions
As Long as You Love Me – Rolling hills – up a hill, downhill, finish up hill
U Can’t Touch This  – Jumps over 8 counts, then 4 counts (1 > 2, 2 > 3, 1> 3, then it’s up to you!)
The Edge of Glory – Sprints out of the saddle on the chorus
Stronger – Hill, mostly in 3rd
Kryptonite – Intervals in the saddle (we actually ran out of time and couldn’t do this)
Gettin Jiggy With It – Cool down

photo (1)Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

I told you I was on a Bieber kick this week!

Baby – Warm-Up
Stronger (Total Body Tabata Mix) – This was a tabata warm up, but it works great for intervals in the saddle.  It’s 140bpm so it’s very comfortable for a high pace “rest” song with 3 sets of intervals that are about :30 at the chorus.
Titanium – Cadence through all positions, adding resistance in each “chunk” (verse, chorus)
Eye of the Tiger – Hills!
What is Love – Yes, we are jumping.
Pon De Replay – Cadence again, but with some added “pick-ups” whenever I felt like it.  A full out cadence seemed boring.
Bring Me to Life – Hills!
Dirty Little Secret – Sprints out of the saddle on the chorus
Heart Attack – Cool down

No tabatas in the past three mini spins, so I think I’ll add some in to next week’s classes… I may even buy a new CD!


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