Another DNS to the List

Life works in funny ways.  Yesterday was one of those days in which everything worked in funny ways.

I’m benched but everything else during the day kind of reminded me that it will be okay.

I went for a run on Monday.  Just ten minutes and forcing myself to go super slow, per MAF training.  Within a few steps, I felt that twinge in my ankle.  I spent the entire ten minutes trying different things – landing on the outside of my foot, landing on the inside, heel striking, forcing myself to not run like Jeptoo (I’m super knock kneed), nothing worked and most made me feel uncomfortable.  As soon as I stopped, the twinge was pain – very intense.  But it lasted about 5 seconds and went away.  Eff.

When I went to PT on Tuesday morning and told Chris, he did a quick re-evaluation and then had the most perplexed look on his face.  I did not like this.  Ultimately, I need to revisit the sports medicine specialist and just be absolutely positive this isn’t a fracture or something that isn’t soft tissue.  Oh, and since we aren’t positive that it’s just soft tissue — no running.

I swear, the Dirt Cheap Stage Race is officially the curse race.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to run the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving at least.  At least this year I’ll be within driving distance of Rochester so J and I will be trekking to the Fleet Feet so I can get my packet (I want my drawstring bag…) and then dinner.  I’m trying to convince him we’re going to Rohrbach’s because I want fresh Vanilla Porter in my belly, but we’ll see what he comes up with.  Though maybe I can play the injured card? 

Some good things happened though…

I was overcharged on my evaluation back in July so I have a $55 credit to my name for physical therapy.
I had the absolute best class at Southtowns last night with the largest group ever – about 26/28 people!
Then I came home to a reply on a comment I made a few weeks ago about DNS’ing (that I completely forgot about) and it reminded me that it’s okay to DNS.  Better to DNS than DNF and better to rest and not further injure.

I just have to keep remembering my ultimate goal right now – to finish the Buffalo Marathon injury free next May.  I need a strong base.  A strong, injury free base.  

But the funny thing about this goal is that it involves going out for the Lake Effect Half Marathon in February as a training/speed run, not a “goal run”.  Ever since I started running, my goal races have been the half marathons — full out training plan, full out taper, and each weekend getting more excited when I approach any double digit run as my long run.  But now?  I think even with my lack of consistent training, I’m not far off from being able to run a half marathon with needing little recovery.  In May, I only need a week before I felt back up to it.  My longest day has been 8.5 miles over two runs, but I know I could do 9-10 miles easy (granted, not with this injury).  But this is a good mindset to be in for me.  I’ll get there.


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7 thoughts on “Another DNS to the List”

  1. Such a bummer, but way to find some positives in your day. I started PT yesterday and was told I need to spend a couple weeks on the elliptical and then a couple weeks on the stair climber along with my PT exercises before I start running. The good thing with the PT exercises is that we cover a lot of the areas I need to work on in your sculpt class! If you need someone to run some slow miles with you in a month or so I will be more than willing to join you!


    1. That sounds fabulous! My PT said the stair climber is a great XT exercise for runners because it works the same form you need for running with lifting your legs. I’ve yet to enjoy it (or try it outside of PT lol).


  2. Bummer about Dirt cheap, what time are you thinking about coming out to grab your bag this weekend?

    PS Rorbachs vanilla porter is one of my favorites!!!

    I think you are in a good place, get healed up and ready to build a base and start fresh and injury free! You are going to be ready for a half in Feb, and then build from there for Buffalo– you have this in the bag!


    1. I think we’re going to come out Friday straight from work so we’ll probably be out there around… 530? 6? I’m not 100% sure I think we’re just going to wing it!

      I’m so excited that Wegmans in Buffalo just started offering Rorbach’s here… but they only sell it in Growlers and I don’t drink that much beer that quickly!


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