Week in Review (10.28 – 11.3)

It’s really hard to get back into running when you can’t get a solid couple of weeks strung together.  The longer I’m apart from running, the more I miss it but the more lazy I feel, even if I did get to the gym 6 days this week to teach.

  • Monday: MAF Run #1, 30 min body sculpt, 30 min spin
    • Running: 3.25 miles, MAF (<150bpm)
      • Since I didn’t (and don’t really) have time to spend 12-15 minutes of walking to warm up, I jumped right into the run knowing that my pace in the 2nd mile might increase.  I drank almost a full 32oz of Gatorade a couple hours before the run which I knew wasn’t smart (but it tasted so good – Cherry Glacier) and it definitely sucked during the run.
      • Splits:  Mile 1: 12:05 (144bpm), Mile 2: 11:55 (147bpm), Mile 3: 12:25 (147bpm), .28: 12:37 pace (145bpm)
      • Oh, and my ankle started bothering me about halfway down the block.  I kept running because I’m stubborn and figured with PT the next day, I’d at least make sure I could point out exactly what hurt!

    • Body Sculpt: 7lb free weights only
      • What a big class!  I even met my first blog friend, Ashley at Our PRs!  Thankfully she came up after the class because I would have been so nervous if I knew I was teaching in front of a blogger.  This class full out exhausted me.
      • We did a ton of side lunges and I saw some new faces that didn’t quite have the form down so I did my best with trying to correct form while still making it challenging for the regulars who are already a really strong group.  We did a lot of “Hold that squat/lunge and check your form!” which somewhat worked but as always when you’re tired, form suffers.
      • The ankle bothered me during anything that involved landing on my foot (jumping jacks, high knees, etc.)
    • Spinning: 11 miles
      • Playlist sucked, but that’s what I get for trying a bunch of Halloween music I wasn’t crazy about.
      • My ankle bothered me a little still.
  • Cilantro Lime Chicken!
    Cilantro Lime Chicken!

    Tuesday: PT and 60 min body sculpt

    • PT: Recovery and  “It probably isn’t a stress fracture”
      • Chris worked on my leg a bit said it could be tendonitis, then apologized because it probably hurt… but it didn’t.  The only thing painful was him touching my bone.  Not good!  He told me not to run and let him know how I felt on Thursday.
    • Body Sculpt: 7.5 lb and 5 lb free weights
      • The class keeps growing every week!  I’m so glad to see the numbers consistently above 20 considering I was lucky to get 5 when I took the class over.
      • Another tough weights workout (for me) because I was on the verge of a cold, upped weights, and already sore from Monday.
  • Wednesday: 30 min body sculpt, 30 min spin
    My shorts were too short during spin, apparently.
    My shorts were too short during spin, apparently.
    • Body Sculpt: 7lb free weights and step
      • Felt sick, but not much I could do about it but try to keep it together and pretend I felt great.
    • Spin: 10 miles
      • A better playlist, but a small class.  Hard to be motivating when you’re feeling unmotivated yourself.
  • Thursday: 45 min spin
    • Spin: 15 miles
      • The acoustics of this club I subbed at are terrible, which doesn’t leave me very confident but we made it through.  I was still feeling a little under the weather so I don’t think the class was that great, but it’s kind of a blessing in disguise that I can’t run (and got sick) the week I was scheduled to pick up 3 spin classes.
  • Friday: REST!!
    • I took a mental health day at work and did nothing but some food shopping later in the evening.  I did run from the door to the car and back as a mini 20-second sprint testing out the ankle.  It felt good… until Saturday.
    • Got my Oiselle striped scoop neck tee!  I’m disappointed I didn’t wait a little longer because this weekend they are on sale and I could have gotten two, plus the scarf for probably the same price as I got one plus the scarf… but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for another sale!
      Received my Oiselle striped scoop tee and I am in love.
      Received my Oiselle striped scoop tee and I am in love.
  • Saturday: 45 min spin
    • Spin: 17 miles
      • Ankle was sore from Friday, what the hell, I barely run yesterday.  Literally 10 steps.
      • Microphone wasn’t working so I panicked, but found a way around it and saved (my) day.  The class was a tough one, better off than Thursday’s!
  • Sunday: 60 min spin
    • Spin: about 20 miles
      • Same playlist as Saturday with a few extra songs.  Since I’m scheduling this post, I’m going to assume (fingers crossed) that class goes well and knowing how the playlist already ran, I know this will be another hard workout plus I tossed in a tabata in the finish.

So, I somewhat hit my goals.  I didn’t get that base MAF run in, damn ankle.  But I also didn’t give up on MAF training because I didn’t have a chance to (ha, see successful goal!) I did continue tracking with My Fitness Pal, even added some recipes of my own.  I’m getting nervous for next weekend’s race since I haven’t run at all this week and my ankle still hurts a little… I have to run this race and I won’t take a DNF or DNS again.

Goals for this week are simple: Finish the Dirt Cheap Stage Race without killing myself, breaking anything, or further injuring myself.


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