Rest Week

Despite taking last week weekend completely off running and exercising, my run on Monday still came with ankle pain during the entire three (very, very easy) miles.  Upon a regularly scheduled visit to the physical therapist, I got asked “When was the last time you took two to three days off?” This weekend. “Okay, when was the last time you took two to three days off not because of injury.” Umm, probably a month ago… And that wasn’t a lie, it actually was [opening up a new tab to check daily mile] October 11th through 13th – not even a month ago!  And it wasn’t because I was injured (even though I had a giant couple of blisters on the balls of my feet), I was just really busy.

Since PT Tuesday morning, I have not run. Chris wanted me to call him Thursday and let him know how my ankle felt — if it was still bothering me to walk, climb stairs, etc. I may need an x-ray to determine if it’s a stress fracture.  Fortunately, without any pounding on my ankle, the pain dissipated pretty quickly.

I haven’t run all week and I don’t think I will until maybe Sunday evening or Monday afternoon.  I picked up three classes at the gym this week for somebody on vacation so while I’m resting, on top of my regularly scheduled classes Monday through Wednesday, I taught 45 minutes of spin on Thursday, and will teach an hour of spin on both Saturday and Sunday.  Not being able to run kind of worked out anyways because I started coming down with a cold and I likely would have pushed myself too hard trying to get my miles in.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens over the next week, however.  I do have the Dirt Cheap Stage Race still on my calendar and I have full intentions of going, but I am expecting it to be a big, painful flop.  I’m going alone, I won’t know anybody, and it’s 20 miles over two days… and my longest run to date is 6 miles, but I have hit 9 miles split into two runs two weeks ago.  Plus it’s all trails!  I think I might have to do the early start on Sunday morning (7:45am start vs. 9:00am start) for the 11 miler (for people running slower than 10:30/mile) due to fitness and the fact that I’m reading about all these hills that are impossible to run up.  But then there’s a chance I’m capable of running closer to 10:00 miles and I’m stuck running with a group of people behind me because I jumped into the wrong start time.  Ugh, I wish I just had somebody to run with for fun and then none of this would be relevant.  I suppose I will see how the Saturday portion of the race goes before making any solid decisions.

Until then, I’ll maintain my rest week.  And enjoy the fact that I took a “mental health day” today and can watch crappy daytime TV while drinking obscene amounts of coffee for no reason other than it tastes delicious.


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

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