Well… It Might Not Be a Stress Fracture

The title says it all.  That was my morning.

I’m standing at the gym where I have physical therapy, obviously evenly dispersed weight on both feet, core tight, no hint of a slouch in my back (or else I get yelled at) when Chris walks in way too chipper for 6:30am and asks how I’m doing.  For the first time since I started in July, I had to say not very good.

I ran yesterday, just 40 minutes at MAF which was about 3.25 miles for me.  My ankle hurt rather quickly, but I ran through it because:

A) I’m stubborn
B) I didn’t run all weekend because of my ankle
C) If I run on it the day before PT and it hurts, I have a good chance it’ll still hurt at PT

So I explain my situation, that it’s been slightly bothering me for a few weeks but I got my new sneakers (which I had to fess up to, thinking he might be mad that I’m jumping from Newtons into a complete stability sneaker — he wasn’t) and then it stopped… and now this past week it started up again.  I told him I haven’t increased my mileage beyond 10% and truthfully, I really haven’t.  I’ve kind of done a lopsided few weeks where one was 15-16 miles and then next closer to 10, but it’s nothing I shouldn’t be able to manage especially without speedwork.

He takes some time to look at my foot and says it’s probably inflammation, we’ve really changed my entire style of running… these things happen.  He reassures me that this is really the best thing, if I’m going to have any pain at all and it’s probably not a stress fracture because if it were, it’d hurt when I walk.

But Chris… it does hurt when I walk.  Saturday, it hurt to walk down the stairs, to my car, and back up the stairs.  This morning it hurt to walk down the stairs, to my car, and into physical therapy.

So from there, he has me lay down and tries massaging out the muscles for a good 10-15 minutes and apologizes if it hurts.  And I’m pretty sure if my muscles were the issue, it probably would hurt.  Judging from the responses I’ve seen other people give when getting the same sort of treatment, I should have been writhing in pain on the table… if my muscles were causing the issue.  I told him it didn’t hurt at all, the only time it hurts is when he touches the bone on the inside of my shin right above my ankle.

“Oh, here?” A little, but not quite. “Here?” Yep, that hurts.  “How about this spot?” Yes.  That really f’n hurts!

Welcome to Tuesday morning, Brittany, if you weren’t here already.

Oh Sweet Brown, you tell 'em.
Oh Sweet Brown, you tell ’em.

For the last 15 minutes of my time I foam rolled, stretched, and had a recovery session.  I go back in a week (not bi-weekly this time — sad but necessary) and he wants me to call him on Thursday to let him know how it goes.  If it’s still painful to walk on, back to the doctor I go to get some x-rays.  If it’s starting to get better, it’s probably tendonitis (or some inflammation of sorts) and I just need to take some time off of it.

In the meantime, no running this week.  And I apparently can’t do high knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks, or anything in my classes that involves landing on my foot.  Fabulous.

I’ve stayed off of it since PT mostly with exception to teaching at the gym.  Even having it rest right now it’s still slightly sore and throbbing a little to remind me it’s not happy.  I seriously think I have the curse of the Dirt Cheap Stage Race.  I have wanted to do this race since 2009, I believe, when I first heard of it.  I finally signed up last year thinking it was a great idea, but Hurricane Sandy hit and I was deployed to Long Island for work.  Wouldn’t you know it, I left the Wednesday before the race.  Now I signed up again, fully knowing I am in no shape to run 20 miles one weekend, but not caring… and my ankle decides to hate life after a trip down the block.  It’s like the Buffalo Sports curse — we aren’t winning any championships here.


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