Week in Review (10.21-10.27)

I have gone all over the place in regards to my training this week and read more articles, blog posts, and advice than I am willing to admit.

My thought process went a little like this, “Yeah!  Heart rate training!” to “My God, do I need to be this slow?  This is atrocious.” to “Oh, Hell no.  I do not have time to run 7 miles in an “easy” heart rate.” to “Okay, maybe I’ll read about this heart rate thing a little more. ” to “I’m sold, let’s do this.”

  • Monday: 30 minutes of body sculpt, 30 minutes of spinning:
    • Body sculpt: 12lb body bar and step with 3 risers on each side
      • Lunges and squats galore, plus squats with a leg lift
      • 12lb body bar is definitely not enough for me anymore!
    • Spinning: about 10.5 miles
      • Three songs of 5-6 minutes with shorter songs in between.  Two were hills, one was a combo hill and jumps on a hill.
  • Tuesday: 3.5 “easy” miles with pick-ups, 60 minutes of body sculpt
    • The run was supposed to be in the morning and just easy.  Unfortunately my calves hurt so bad Monday and were still quite sore Tuesday morning that I opted to sleep in, knowing I could run before teaching (slight fail safe on my part for Tuesdays.  Wednesdays with spinning, it’s a little too much to do both).
      • Easy heart rate = under 160, started at 6.0 and lowered it .1 each time my heart rate approached 155.  Got down to 5.5 by 28 minutes in (grrr!) and then got sick of it so I did 3 sets of 1:00 hard (7.5, 8.0, 8.5), 2:00 easy (5.0).
      • It’s really frustrating that I have to run slow to start and then continually slow down to keep the run “easy”… but I’m going to stick with it.
    • Body sculpt: 15lb body bar, step with 2 risers, red mini band
      • This bar provided some challenges, finally!
      • More squats and lunges, incline push-ups, decline push-ups, and my favorite tricep miniband exercise again!
  • Ilio DiPaolo's shrimp and scallop whole wheat penne with white wine sauce (yum!)
    Ilio DiPaolo’s shrimp and scallop whole wheat penne with white wine sauce (yum!)

    Wednesday: 3.5 easy miles, 30 minutes of body sculpt, 30 minutes of spinning

    • I paid super close attention to my heart rate monitor during this morning run (yes, I woke up!) and aimed to stay under 160bpm.  It was so difficult!  To stay in my “easy” zone (and it was the upper portion of it, too), I had to run 11:00 – 11:20 minute miles.  Each mile had to get slower in order to maintain that “easy” heart rate.
    • Body Sculpt: 15lb body bar, green resistance tube
      • This was a fun class.  We did some partner work, but we had an even number (as always!) so I walked around and checked form.  It’s nice to have the break but I dislike it because I can’t judge how hard the class is.  At least when I’m working too, I know if I’m tired, they most likely will be getting tired too.
    • Spinning: About 11 miles
      • There were only three people in the class!  Sometimes, I wish they wouldn’t come if it were like that and then I could go home.  It’s okay though, despite the super small class it was a fun one.  I think any class is awesome if I can make country work in the playlist.
  • Thursday: Rest Day (Dinner!)
  • Friday: 3.5 miles easy(ish)
    • I was supposed to rest because of the light double Saturday and a seven miler Sunday, but J and I are supposed to be going pumpkin/apple/whatever picking and I like sleeping in whenever I can now… which meant switching up today’s run.  I thought about just doing the full 7, but ended up doing 3.5 due to blisters and a little ankle pain.  And I did it without a heart rate monitor because I’m over the “easy” heart rate training.  Yes, already.  Disclaimer: Then I spent all night reading about HR training and am backtracking this statement.)
    • I won $50 to Oiselle!
  • Saturday: Rest…
    • Since I switched up the runs, today I decided to do 9 or so miles easy on the treadmill because it’s so windy here.  I was also going to use those miles to get a base to start for MAF training (I told you, I did a lot of reading!) but then I left J’s house and for the first time in months, I felt not so right just walking.  The inside of my ankle bothered me right up the calf walking down his stairs, to my car, and up my stairs right into the apartment.  Rotating my ankle makes that whole area a little sore, too.  I thought about the elliptical or riding a bike, but with stairs bothering me, I thought it might be wise to stay home, ice, and compress (even though I did it all Friday night, too).
  • Sunday: Rest
    • Pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving, pumpkin seed baking, and the Buffalo Bills game.

I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t get in my 20 miles this week, but no sense in pushing myself just to get the miles for the sake of getting the miles.  The stage race is probably going to suck anyways and it’s more so something to check off my bucket list than actually considering it a race.

I somewhat accomplished my goals from last week.

I didn’t stick to the training plan due to plans coming up and injury, but barring no sore ankle, I would have still gotten the 20 miles in and that’s what the goal was when I say “stick to the training plan”.

J's totally un-phased by my pain face and noises.
J’s totally un-phased by my pain face and noises.

I also did not foam roll after every run because the areas that were sore on my calves do not benefit from the foam roller — instead I self massaged with my hands and J helped out, too.   His massages were much better than mine because when it hurt so bad I was yelling (in a good “ouch” way, of course), he didn’t stop… whereas I kind of wussed out when I did it myself.

And I did eat more protein!  I added protein powder to my diet and J worked in some pork carnitas for dinner/lunch this week (dating a chef is fabulous).

Goals for next week:

Get a base MAF training run in.
Do not give up on MAF training.
Update training schedule to reflect MAF training — aka, probably less miles during the morning runs because I don’t have the time.
Continue tracking with My Fitness Pal.


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4 thoughts on “Week in Review (10.21-10.27)”

  1. You still had a really good week despite having to change some things up. And congrats on winning 50 to oiselle, can’t wait to see what you get!

    My fingers are crossed for your PT appointment tomorrow! Things are going to look up!


    1. Thanks! I guess entering Twitter contests practically every week pays off (should I make it my day job?)

      Hollie recc’d the striped scoop neck and I’m jealous of her scarf… so I ordered both in yellow today!


    1. I just ordered my stuff today and I am SO excited. I went yellow in both the scarf and scoop neck (which is completely unlike me… closet = dark, dark, dark!) plus I never wear casual scarfs (only “keep me really warm” ones)… so I’m pumped. But I figure if I’m getting a GC, I might as well use it for something I wouldn’t normally buy!


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