Nutrition for Runners

With looking towards my first marathon next May, I figured it was time to get my nutrition in order.  And by “in order” I mean making sure I get enough protein.

I’m a somewhat sort of vegetarian in that I don’t really eat meat but I don’t have a reason, I just don’t choose it when I’m eating.  If I get pasta with chicken, I’ll pick around the chicken mostly.  When I make food for myself, I generally won’t eat food with meat.  Mission get protein has begun!  Thankfully, J cooks a mean dinner and is going to stuff with me with protein when I’m not cooking for myself (and this week, he’s done a great job).

Spiru-tein Shake with Almond Milk and Cherry Juice
Spiru-tein Shake with Almond Milk and Cherry Juice

In addition, I bought a protein powder (Spiru-tein) which doesn’t taste that bad.  I plan to drink it after every workout (only in the morning on my AM run days during the week) to jump start that recovery and hopefully keep me from being so exhausted.  I opted for Spiru-tein because I’ve had Gold Standard Whey protein powder before and it was a disaster.  It foamed up in my throat and I threw up/dry-heaved nonstop for about an hour.  Umm, no thank you.  The allergist told me I wasn’t lactose intolerant and I’m not allergic to whey, but I beg to differ.  Milk and whey protein powder have the same results, so I’m allergic to something that’s in both whether that man wants to believe me or not.  Even Fluid recovery powder gives the same effect just on a much lesser level.  Spiru-tein has not given me any discomfort thus far so I think I’ll stick it out.

Ilio DiPaolo's shrimp and scallop whole wheat penne with white wine sauce (yum!)
Ilio DiPaolo’s shrimp and scallop whole wheat penne with white wine sauce (yum!)

I also started using My Fitness Pal.  I kind of thought all those apps were for people trying to lose weight, but this one seems to be good for my purposes.  I altered the nutrition I was aiming for (protein/carbs/fat) as well as the caloric intake.  I’ve been using it since Monday so I don’t want to jump to any nutritional conclusions, but I’ve nearly doubled how much sugar I should intake and on a couple days, the same with fat.  Granted, my eating this week hasn’t been completely typical (eating out yesterday, eating yogurt, creamer in my coffee, pumpkin bread for breakfast, etc.)

I don’t really intend on changing my eating habits because I know what makes me feel good for running and what to avoid, but I also have no problems with treating myself.  I won’t eat crap every day, but if I want pizza, Chinese food, or Nutter Butters… I’m not going to deny myself it just because I maxed out on whatever nutritional stat for that day.  What fun is running if I’m keeping myself from enjoying food that I love?

Essentially all I want to gain from this is making sure I’m getting enough carbs and protein now so when I start amping up the training, my body is prepared and nourished!


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