Things I Need to Get Better At: Foam Rolling

I love the way I feel after a good session of foam rolling.
I hate the effort it takes to get a good session of foam rolling.

With switching my form, it’s essentially I foam roll my calves.  I’m living in compression socks as it is, but with the increase in mileage, my calves are screaming and tight.  Unfortunately, I never seem to have the strength to foam roll Monday – Wednesday due to the upper body work I do when I teach.  I know, it’s just an excuse and I should suck it up but it’s seriously exhausting to finally get home at 8:30pm, shower, and eat… then muster up the energy to plank so I can foam roll these suckers.

r8_roll_recoveryMy Mom recently asked me what I want for Christmas and I told her to get me a gift card to Road Runner Sports, which still is something I’d love.  I can always find running gear.  But then I started thinking about how much I loathe the effort I have to use for foam rolling and thought about the R8 with Roll Recovery.

Does anyone use this?

I would love to be able to lay on the couch, catching up on my TV shows, and just roll this thing up and down my calves.  It seems like so much less effort and such a deeper massage.  The only thing stopping me is the $119 price tag.  Granted, they have a full return policy if you’re unhappy so if it’s not for me, there’s no loss in it except maybe the shipping to return it.

It it worth it?

I guess I'll stick to my old school foam roller for now.
I guess I’ll stick to my old school foam roller for now.

I almost want to buy it now to test it out instead of waiting for Christmas, though I also don’t want to drop $119 considering I have to drop $300 to get Spinning certified (grrr, why isn’t my group ex certification enough?) and I’m currently a poor post-grad school graduate trying to pay off a lot of student loan debt.

I suppose in the meantime I should just make a more consistent effort to foam roll.  It’d be nice if I could bring it to the office and just roll around like it’s not weird or anything.  “Brittany, what are you doing on the floor and not at your desk?” “Oh nothing, just some myofascial release, what else?”


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One thought on “Things I Need to Get Better At: Foam Rolling”

  1. I am the absolute same way. I need to get better at foam rolling but have I? No. Every day I say…yes I’m totally going to foam roll…and don’t. Anyways-I’ve heard nothing but good things about the grid and I am def thinking it is something I want to get.


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