Week in Review (10.14-10.20)

This past week I created a loose training schedule, so this is the first week I completed.  It feels nice to accomplish something in terms of running again.  I can’t tell how detailed I want to get in these week recaps… I want to acknowledge how I feel during the runs, the weather, etc. but I don’t want to ramble.  And I certainly don’t want to also write everything in a paper running log or something (saving the stridebox log for marathon training, after all).  Then again, the purpose of my blog is to keep myself motivated and accountable, so these posts aren’t really to appease the masses (sorry y’all).

  • Monday: 30 minutes of body sculpt, 30 minutes of spinning
    • Body sculpt: green miniband and 6 lb free weights
      • Incorporated some miniband walks I’ve learned from PT.
      • Stuck with 6lb so I don’t over-exhaust my muscles in the first class of the week, but these really aren’t doing anything.
  • Spinning was typical spinning.
    • It was about a 13 mile ride for me
  • Tuesday: Physical Therapy, 3.12 miles, 60 minutes of spinning
    • Still not discharged from physical therapy, which SUCKS.
      • Power drills to help increase speed to do once or twice a week, not on a recovery day.
      • Plyometrics: Stand on toes, quick to squat w/ arms back, same on single leg, push off from single leg squat up to bench
    • Treadmill: Aimed for 3 miles easy.
      • Walked a few minutes, maintained 6.0 pace, increasing/decreasing occasionally up to 6.7 for the last couple of minutes, walk to cool down.
      • First run in the stability sneakers I’m testing.
      • Max heart rate was 167 (minus the “sprint” in the end), but mostly stayed under 160bpm = easy run!
    • Body sculpt: green resistance tube, step, and 5 lb free weights.
      • This class is constantly growing each week which is awesome because when I took it over, it was like 5 or 6 people (I guess they weren’t too fond of the prior teacher).
      • Legs were shaking during the squats and lunges!
The aftermath
The aftermath

Wednesday: 3.61 miles, 30 minutes of body sculpt, 30 minutes of spinning

  • When I woke up Wednesday morning, I finally felt like a real runner.  I wanted it.  It was pouring outside and J was sleeping next to me, but I still wanted to get up and do it.
    • Easy 3.6 miles, couldn’t avoid any puddles, came back soaked (and no blisters!)
    • Still loving the stability sneakers!
    • Heart rate was consistently between 160 and 180 bpm = threshold run.
  • Body Sculpt: Green miniband and 6 lb free weights.
    • Tricep Pushdown
      Tricep Pushdown

      Found a new tricep exercise that I love.  On Thursday, I was trying to figure out why my arms were so tired.  Oh, that.

    • Tricep Pushdown: Hold band against shoulder, grab end of band w/ other hand and push down through a full extension, slowly raising back up.
  • Spinning: 10.5 miles
    • Lots of hills, but took it easy because my quads were exhausted.
  • My view from the game
    My view from the game

    Thursday: Glorious day of rest!

    • I rested and ate pulled pork sausage, felt exhausted, and whined about the Sabres royally sucking as they played the Vancouver Canucks.  Oh, this team.  Can Buffalo ever have a winning sports team?
  • Friday: 2.37 Miles and laundry.
    • The plan was an easy three, then shower, do laundry, rest.  But why do it consecutively?  I took my clothes (and every single dirty sheet, pillow, blanket, etc.) to the laundromat and plopped it into some machines and ran while it was washing.
      • I was under a time constraint (but I was actually 10 minutes early when I got back) so I rushed it and also didn’t go as far.  I like to think it evens out because I should have run this closer to 9:30 and instead I ran it sub 9:00.
      • This was most likely a “hard” effort, but I wasn’t wearing a heart rate monitor to confirm.  I just haven’t run these kind of paces lately, so knowing my body, we’ll call this hard.
  • Saturday Double Day: Easy 3 and Easy 5.5
    • This day was supposed to mimic the first day of the Dirt Cheap Stage Race, but obviously less intense.
    • Easy 3: Forest Lawn
      • I decided to try to maintain an easy pace based on heart rate (zone 3.5 or under according to my previous guidelines, before I figured them out with the article’s recommendations), except the last 400m which I kicked in faster (relative to the easy pace, though) because of a suggestion in Runners World.  The run felt easy, kicking it in felt good.
      • Heart rate stayed about 150 for most of the run but crept up to 164 before the last 400m sprint = easy run.
    • Easy 5.5: Downtown to the Marina and back
      • Again, staying under 3.5 was my goal until the last 400m.
      • The inside of my right shin/achilles was on fire the entire run.
      • It rained on and off.  I got a little windburnt.
      • Splits: 9:30, 9:27, 10:03, 10:49, 10:04, 4:31 (half mile)
        • Though now that I’ve figured out my “new” heart rate standards, the average overall was 159bpm.  It was a little all over the place, but still = easy effort!
  • Sunday: Football and Rest Day
    • It’s my Mom’s birthday so I’m rewarding myself with food.  Technically I would have eaten it anyways because we’re going out for the Bills game, but I’ll call it a deserved day.

I accomplished all my goals this week that I set out from last post.  And even though I didn’t set up to figure out my training recommendations and heart rate until Saturday night (when I decided I really wanted to go through with it), my effort was pretty on for this week.  It ended up being: 17.61 miles.  Easy: 66%, Threshold: 20%, Hard: 14%.  So in retrospect, it isn’t that difficult to do a 65/10/25 training week at all during base since I’m still getting back into it… it’s not that hard to get my heart rate near 90% when my pace is down so much anyways.

This week’s goals:

  • Stick to the schedule!
  • Foam roll each night that I’ve run.
  • Eat more protein.
  • Figure out definitive heart rate training zones.  (Hehe, I wrote this post before figuring out the zones and scheduled it to post… so now I can edit it!)

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