Week in Review (10.7 – 10.13)

Well, we won’t call this week a “failure” but it certainly wasn’t as awesome as last week.  I wish I could remember a little more detail about my classes that I taught last week but it seems to be a blur… that plus my Saturday night did not help retain brain cells.  But hey, weddings only happen (hopefully) once in everyone’s lifetime so you gotta live it up while ya can, right?

  • Monday – 30 minutes of body sculpt, 30 minutes of spinning
    • Step and free weights – class was okay.  I completely neglected back and didn’t realize it until I got home.
    • Spinning was about 11 miles and I wasn’t feeling very much like going hard, so I faked the knob turns (which I never do).  It was a tired Monday.
  • Tuesday -3.57 miles (morning run!!!), 60 minutes of body sculpt
    • I can’t believe I did it, but I woke up and went running.  I overdressed and was sweating by 5 minutes in.  Since I rarely wake up, roll out of bed, and start running I wasn’t prepared for how stiff and slow the run would be.  I also need some clothes for these dark mornings.  I sprinted in the last half mile or so and it felt great.
    • We used a ball and free weights in body sculpt and I think it was the best class yet.  I think I’ve worked myself up to the 7.5 lb weights, so here come the guns!
  • Wednesday – 2.24 miles, 30 minutes of body sculpt, 30 minutes of spinning
    • Unfortunately I didn’t wake up early today and I had to squeeze a run in between the two jobs.  I ran mile one at 9:14 and mile two at 8:53.  Would have liked more miles, but when you leave job #1 and 5 and have to be at job #2 at 6:30 and the commute is 10 minutes home and then 20 minutes to job #2, you do what you can.
    • We used gliding discs and free weights in class.  I worked them pretty hard – warm-up straight into scissor lunges and jump squats.  Then since I forgot back, we worked that really hard.  I saw some people putting their weights down and taking a break, success!
    • About 10 miles for spin – no tabata today, but still a strong class.  On a couple hills the last :30 of the song was slow and quiet but I wouldn’t let anyone give in and we pushed it to the end… a couple girls were laughing at me for pushing through it.  I like when people can have fun while working out!
  • Thursday – 5.95 Miles
    Received my ProCompression socks in the mail which means I get to run in my CEP compression socks for the first time ever!
    Received my ProCompression socks in the mail which means I get to run in my CEP compression socks for the first time ever!
    • Ideally, Thursday would be my rest day but given the lack of running Wednesday and jam packed Friday, Saturday, and (most likely) hangover on Sunday, I had to squeeze it in.  Took it nice and slow and knew I had about an hour to fit the run in because of Sabres tickets.  I got stuck because of a cross country invitational and I could have found a different way to run, but I was set on this path so I waited.  I felt decent, but I could tell my foot was slipping in my shoe a little and when I got home, I saw a blister on my blister of one foot and a fresh new blister on the other (both on the balls of my feet) and a few on the tips of my toes.  Totally not happy!  I kicked it in for the last mile, which was awesome because it finished uphill.  Splits weren’t too awful (or awesome, except the last one): 9:25, 9:12, 9:53, 9:29, 9:41, 8:10.  How about that last mile is my fastest since I started PT, though? I’ll cheers to that.’
I deserved this after my longest run since August (and because the Sabres are terrible)
I deserved this after my longest run since August (and because the Sabres are terrible)
  • Friday – Sunday – Rest
    • had to go to Trader Joes Friday now that one opened in Buffalo (plus I needed a rest day).  I had to sleep in Saturday (no, really.  12 hours of sleep!) and then we had a wedding.  And I was hungover until about 3:30 on Sunday, then had dinner plans.  I would have loved to put in another 7-8 miles, but it just didn’t happen.
J and I, over/under on the drinks we've consumed at this point is 6.
J and I, over/under on the drinks we’ve consumed at this point is 6.

Overall, 11.5 miles running, 2 hours of weight training, and about 23 miles of spinning.  I didn’t really do my PT exercises like I should, though I did one day at work…  Hopefully by the time you’re reading this, I’m ecstatic over not having to go to PT anymore but we’ll see how that goes tomorrow.

Goals for this week:

  • Get some runs in with my new sneakers!
    • I signed up to be a wear tester a while back and finally got my first pair.  Unfortunately, when I signed up I was running in entirely different sneakers so the 12 oz stability sneakers I’ve received are almost double the weight and cushioning of what I’m used to… but maybe I’ll like them for some types of training?  We will see.
  • Create a loose training schedule to get me through the year.
  • Push for 18 miles
    • Even though I only had 12 or so miles this week, my past four have been 10, 12, 16, 12.  So I added it on for three weeks and took it down on the fourth week.  Time to add it back on in another three week cycle, which leaves me one week to bring it down a bit before tackling my stage race.
  • Run another double on Saturday
    • I’m thinking of modeling it just like the race.  3 miles in the morning, 5.5 miles 4 hours after I start the first run.

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