Spinning Playlists – 10.7 & 10.9

Monday, October 7th, 2013:

10.7Touch Me – Getting set up music
Boom, Boom, Boom – Warm-up through all positions
The Great Escape – Sprints in the saddle on the chorus, wind it up just before the chorus to get into the sprint
Bohemian Rhapsody – My favorite hill, add it on in half turns, out to 3rd when guitar picks up halfway through and recover downhill, then right back up!
Love Shack – Jumps
Bulletproof (Tabata) – 20 seconds hard/10 seconds recover 
Sail – Hill
Chelsea Dagger – Jumps
Crazy – Cool Down
Love Somebody – Stretch/clean bikes

I enjoyed this playlist a lot.  It’s a great mix of bringing back some songs from the 90s that you don’t typically hear.  Yes, Bohemian Rhapsody and Love Shack aren’t 90s, but they are more commonly heard.  When I enjoy playlists, I have fun in class.  When I have fun in class, everyone seems to push themselves and be more responsive.

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013:

10.9And another playlist with a couple throwbacks (it’s apparently my “thing” lately).

I Want You – Set-Up
Get Low – Warm-Up in all positions
Somebody Told Me – Sprints in the saddle, 2nd set harder and longer
Just Dance – Jumps
Right Now – Hill with one downhill in 3rd
Wings – Sprints out of the saddle, just before chorus 3 turns to the right, out to 3 and sprint.  Take it down for recovery.  Repeat twice more.
Take On Me – Cadence 
Thunderstruck – Hill, each time you hear thunder in the beginning, 1/4 turn up.  Upon hearing “Thunderstruck” take it down 2 big turns and come out to 3rd for a downhill.  Head back up at the start of the next verse.
Dog Days Are Over – Cool down, stretch, clean up

I somewhat liked this playlist.  I despite Lady Gaga, though she does her thing well – gets all her songs stuck in my head.  I love Right Now because it reminds me of ER (hello George Clooney) and incorporating the Take On Me remix is my attempt at easing my group into ska music… because I love ska, it’s super fast, and I think it’d be great in a spin setting but it’s not for everyone and I’m a little self conscious when I play it because I’m always wondering if they’re hating it, loving it, or what.  

Another decent week in the world of mini-spin!




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