Spinning Playlists – 9.30 & 10.2

This week’s playlists were by far better than last week’s. I had so much fun teaching spin – not that I don’t every week, but some are better than others!

Monday, September 30th, 2013:


One Two Step – Warm-up/Before class
Green Light – Warm-Up (various positions)
Lose Yourself –  Hill (in and out of saddle – add it on quickly)
Bulletproof – Tabata (in saddle intervals)
Short Skirt, Long Jacket – Jumps, 8 count, move to 4 count
Times Like These – Rolling Hills
Black Betty – Intervals (in/out saddle)
Bittersweet Symphony – Cool Down


Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013:

Since some of the songs are a little slower, I had to amp them up about 10-15% depending on the song, which sounds a little crazy but it worked.  It made for a very fast paced class!

10.2 Heartbreaker – Music before class
Titanium – Warm-Up (various positions)
Rolling in the Deep – Rolling Hills (fitting, huh?)
Such Great Heights – Intervals (saddle)
Ya Mama – Tabata (intervals, saddle)
I Want You Back – Jumps (8 and 16 count, then 4 count at the end)
Can’t Hold Us – Cadence, add a few turns at each chorus, 2nd and 3rd position during verses, saddle during chorus
I Love Rock n’ Roll – Hill in 3rd
Hotel California – Cool Down and Stretch
The Way I Am – Exit

Wednesday’s playlist was definitely my favorite (hello, old Mariah Carey, The Postal Service, and ‘N Sync!) and with trying a bunch of new songs that I haven’t taught before, quite a few are big keepers:

  • Green Light
  • Short Skirt, Long Jacket
  • Such Great Heights

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