Week Review (9.30 – 10.6)

This was a rough week; I hit my lowest and my highest points since June but I had a breakthrough.

  • Monday30 minutes of body sculpt, 30 minutes of spinning
    • Free weights and Gliders with a definite emphasis on legs.  I made a couple women yell “woo!” after legs so I know they felt it. Spinning was about 11 miles and a bigger class than last week, plus no offensive lyrics this time!
  • Tuesday – Physical therapy, 3.12 miles, 60 minutes of body sculpt
    Overview of Hoyt Lake at Delaware Park
    Overview of Hoyt Lake at Delaware Park
    • PT went well, we decided I will come back in two weeks and hopefully be finished next time.  We didn’t add any new exercises and he didn’t take it too hard on me since I was running later.
    • I ran just over 3 miles on the treadmill before teaching while watching Law and Order.  It’s easy to watch something while running, but once I stepped off the treadmill the room was moving… add that to the list of things to get used to when running on the treadmill.
    • Free weights, body bar, and glider during class.  Once again, sore legs and had people taking breaks during my sets.  Considering the other instructors are pretty intense, I have my work cut out for me.  I can’t be known as the instructor with the “easier” class!
  • Wednesday – 5.39 miles, 30 minutes of body sculpt, 30 minutes of spinning
    • Terrible run.  Everything about it sucked.
    • Body sculpt involved a bench and free weights, with some new workouts I stole from Jillian Michael’s.  I upped the weights I use in class to 7lbs, so I felt it a little.
    • Spinning was full of fun – “oldies” like Heartbreaker by Mariah Carey with Jay-Z, Such Great Heights by The Postal Service and I Want You Back by NSync.  Obviously, the best playlist ever.
  • Thursday and Friday – Rest because my calves deserved it and I had a double scheduled Saturday.
  • Beginning of the trail
    Beginning of the trail at the Ridge… it’s a little muddy!
    Sucky hill #2 or #3... all mud, tons of roots, impossible to actually run down but so fun!
    Sucky hill #2 or #3… all mud, tons of roots, impossible to actually run down but so fun!

    SaturdayDouble day!  4.51 miles and 3.01 miles

    • 4.5 mile trail run at Chestnut Ridge to start the afternoon, most of which I felt sorry for myself.  I walked a bit, I stopped a couple times.  Granted, the trails were hard but who was I just stopping like I’ve never run before?  With a mile and half to go, I somehow sucked it up and ran back faster and more in-tune than ever.  All of a sudden my form just clicked and like that – running felt right.
    • My second run was even better than the first!  The entire time my form felt strong and I felt fast (and I was running fast!)  It was the best run I’ve had since starting my physical therapy.  I think everything clicked as far as my form – I was running under my center of gravity and my feet were flying… the first 1.5 miles was a low 7:xx (downhill and wind at my back) and the way back it got a little erratic with my pace but it was a solid run and I finished smiling.

I finished the week at 16 miles (1 extra mile!) running, about 25 or so spinning, and I slacked a little with my physical therapy exercises.  I foam rolled every day, but I didn’t do as much as I would have liked with other exercises.  This upcoming week, goals are the same but including some intervals.  I’m getting my real easy pace back, dammit!


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