Spinning Playlists – 9.23 & 9.25

Monday, September 3rd, 2013:


I wasn’t fond of this playlist once I started spinning to it.  I liked a lot of the songs but I didn’t feel like they fit in my class.

Natalie – Warm-up
Shut Up and Drive – Intervals (saddle)
Wake Me Up – Jumps on a Hill
I’m Shipping Up to Boston – Steep Hill in 3rd
Moves Like Jagger – Sprints (out to 3rd for each sprint)
Can’t Believe It – Jumps
Nobody Knows – Hill in 1st and 3rd
Barracuda – Intervals (saddle)
Sweater Weather – Cool Down

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013:

photoI liked this playlist, I really did.  Until the songs I downloaded from iTunes because I wanted the edited version wasn’t edited enough and I was stuck awkwardly listening to a version in class that I didn’t want to play.  It didn’t help that it was gorgeous outside so only 2 girls came to class, which meant there weren’t a lot of bikes spinning to make more noise.  Thankfully, they were girls my age so I doubt they will go complain to the director.  Still, I’m unhappy.

Dog Days Are Over – Warm-up
Survivor – Climb, 3rd in chorus, 1st in verse
Locked Out of Heaven – Intervals (saddle)
Memories – Jumps (Not edited, even though I didn’t select the explicit version!)
Good Feeling – Cadence Ride
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Jumps
Holy Grail – Heavy, rolling hills (Careful, non explicit again, but F-bomb mid song)
Sweater Weather – Cool Down


It wasn’t the best week for spinning, in my opinion.  The classes went well, I just didn’t dig the playlists I threw together.  The classes didn’t say anything either way though, so I’ll consider it a minor victory.


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4 thoughts on “Spinning Playlists – 9.23 & 9.25”

    1. Ha! When it came on I was like “Um, don’t judge me but I absolutely love this song right now.” and nobody said anything. So either I’m completely lame, they hate Pitbull, or they just aren’t very exciting people in the middle of the workout.


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