8 Things Runners Hate to Hear

In my experience, those who haven’t been lucky enough to be graced by the presence of avid runners, often don’t “get it” when it comes to the sport.  Overall, the same questions and responses tend to come up when your training is mentioned in conversation.  If you’re a runner, maybe you can relate.  If you’re not a runner, but you’ve made it here (thank you!), please don’t say things like this to us.

  1. “You’re running how far?  That’s from here to [insert location an inaccurate distance away]!”
    • Close, but not quite.  Also, it makes me tired to think of it that way, please stop.
  2. “Well, you can eat whatever you want.”
    • You know how you feel after you eat that?  Me too.
  3. “Didn’t you run yesterday?”
    • Yes.
  4. “You know, your knees/joints are going to be shot when you get older.”
    • YOLO!  But really, we’re just not going to acknowledge that one.
  5. “You don’t look like you need to run.”
    • You don’t look like you need to watch 8 hours of TV tomorrow.
  6. “I like to jog, but I’m not a runner.”
    • Yes, you are.
  7. “Isn’t it boring?”
    • Nope.
  8. “You pay money to exercise?”
    • Do you pay money for the gym?  Do you pay money to play in a recreational sports league?

And as an added bonus, these behaviors personally drive me batty.

  1. Please don’t let your dog’s leash slack as I run by because “he’s friendly”.  I’m sure he is and I’d love to smoosh his wittle doggy face and kiss his wet nose, but I’m running and I can’t be held responsible for my heel whip when he’s trying to sniff my feet as I fly past.
  2. When you look up and see me coming from a block away, don’t continue to walk in the middle of the sidewalk.  I mean, really, this goes as a common courtesy for anyone sharing the sidewalk, doesn’t it?  I see you.  I moved to the right.  I’m okay with running on the grass, but at least make an effort.  If you don’t, I might not make an effort when I come by either.  Oops.
  3. If you’re a smoker and puffin’ as I pass, that’s cool.  You do you.  But to make a significant effort to puff, turn your head at me as I pass, and exhale?  I want to turn around and trip you, then run away.
  4. When you don’t say “hi” to me when I make eye contact and do the same to you, it hurts my feelings.  I’m friendly, even though my RBF (resting bitch face) might say otherwise.
  5. As a driver, if you’re turning, please don’t try to beat the runner crossing the street.  Most of us pay attention to the traffic signals and don’t cross against them.  I know you see me coming, can you really not wait the 5 seconds for me to cross.

[Originally written and posted on September 25, 2013, re-vamped September 12th, 2015.]


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

5 thoughts on “8 Things Runners Hate to Hear”

  1. The best thing about injuring my knee last year was that my MRI showed no degenerative changes! So when people bring up the knee wreckage, I have scientific proof! (Injured it walking down the stairs and it would have been way more damaged if I wasn’t a runner!)


  2. This is hilarious. Yes. My biggest peeve is you can eat whatever you want. If I did eat whatever I want, I would feel like crap and not be running.

    That being said I used to get annoyed by runners not saying hello but realized some people might be in the hardest run of their life so I try and cut them some slack. 🙂

    I’d go out run now…but you know…I ran yesterday.


    1. This is true, sometimes I don’t say hi. But if somebody does, at least try to acknowledge they said it! I should try to cut some slack… But these walkers I pass casually going to the store… No excuse!


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