Excuses – I Have Them!

I stopped coming up with excuses to not run, but I haven’t stopped coming up with excuses to not do physical therapy.

I received some Energy Bits!
I received some Energy Bits!

I still refuse to do the mini band walks prior to my runs because they are so exhausting to me that I won’t be able to run if I do those first.  And then I just haven’t found any time to throw in the exercises I should be doing regularly.  I really need a better strategy for my physical therapy, but it’s rough when Monday – Wednesday I’m working/not home from 7am until 830pm and then I get to come home, organize myself, feed myself, shower myself, and crawl to bed.  It’s exhausting.  I might just have to do some PT at work instead.  At least when I’m there, I’m behind a locked door and the three people I’m with know me well enough that if I’m doing bear crawls and mini band walks, they won’t think I’m crazy.

I told you, I have excuses.  Maybe this trial of Energy Bits I received will perk me up this week?

Sunday – I subbed an hour body sculpt class.  I was tired and uninspired feeling; teaching first thing in the morning apparently isn’t my thing.  We used a step and free weights.  I didn’t feel like it was the greatest class – some people gave me some odd looks during a few moves.

Monday – I taught my 30 minutes of body sculpt and 30 minutes of spin.  We used two different weights of body bars.  I told everyone to grab what they typically use and then one heavier.  The class was so-so.  I heard some people as they were leaving saying that the previous teacher had much quicker/up tempo movements.  I try to keep it fast paced, but I noticed when I was taking the class from her that people don’t do squats and lunges properly when they are done quickly.  I want everyone to have good form, not rush the movements.  Though I took note for Wednesday.

Tuesday – I ran 2.5 treadmill miles before class.  Why does a 10:00 mile on a treadmill feel like 8:00 miles on the street?  I need to learn to love the treadmill for the winter but I’m really struggling.

Then I taught my hour body sculpt class.  We used free weights and a stability ball.  I suck at using the stability ball.  I can’t balance on it, it rolls away from me, I’m terrible.  One woman who took the class Sunday was there and another gym member asked her why she was there, because she never comes to weeknight classes.  She said she took my class Sunday and thought it was really good so she wanted to come.  That felt amazing.  She’s a pretty fit woman, too — muscular, perfect form during everything, heaviest weights, weightlifting gloves.  And she thinks my class is really good!

Wednesday – I taught my 30 minutes of body sculpt and 30 minutes of spin.  We used the bench and long resistance tubes.  I hate resistance tubes in class.  There are only so many things you can do with them solo without anchoring to something.  I feel so limited when I use them.

Seven (7!) frozen crockpot meals so I stop eating fast or ready-made meals.
Seven (7!) frozen crockpot meals so I stop eating fast or ready-made meals.

Thursday – A light run with the Mister.  I ran at his pace (about 10:15-10:30/mile) and concentrated on my form.  I love running with him because it forces me to not push faster and burn out which is what I need right now while I’m still regaining my endurance and speed (ha – I have no speed anymore!)  He stopped at 3 miles, I finished the last half mile fast (8:15 or so).

Friday – Complete exercise rest day – sort of.  We went major grocery shopping and I bought $150 worth of food to last for a really long time, which included the makings for 7 crockpot meals and meatballs for Football Sunday (tomorrow).  If any of these recipes aren’t a complete flop, I’ll post for sure since these 7 meals only took 80 minutes to prepare.

I love the sound of leaves underneath sneakers.  No, I was not running when taking this (cool down walk)!
I love the sound of leaves underneath sneakers. No, I was not running when taking this (cool down walk)!

Saturday – I lounged.  And lounged some more.  I didn’t even do PT exercises but I had all day.  After 12 hours of sleep (9pm Friday to 9am Saturday), I still napped and got a headache from too much sleep.  I was sick of seeing everyone post about their 18-20 milers in the rain (was it raining everywhere?) so I laced up around 5:30 and aimlessly went out.  I paid attention to my pace out of curiosity but didn’t use it to push myself faster or slower.  All of my miles were 9:3-9:45.  I wanted 3 miles, I got 4.  Success!

On the plate for tomorrow is subbing a :45 spin class in the morning, then spending the day/night surrounded by football with homemade sauce and meatballs on the side.  I love Sundays.

Goals for next week:  12-15 miles and some PT exercise each day, starting with after this blog post.  

As far as running, it’s not 10% increase “they” recommend, but I don’t consider that rule to apply here.  I never stopped working out during my injury, plus since I started back up I’ve been hovering between 6-10 miles each week for the past month.  It’s time to bump it up.  And one PT exercises a night is better than none.


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One thought on “Excuses – I Have Them!”

  1. Lately I feel I’ve been the same way as far as making excuses for things. A lot of the time I don’t really have a reason why I can’t or shouldn’t be doing certain things (I’m looking at you core work)…I just haven’t been.


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