Review: Newton Energy NR

Newton Energy NR
Newton Energy NR

The Newton Energy NR’s are my second Newton sneaker after I bought my first pair (Distance U) when I had a bad plantar fasciitis issue back in March, thinking maybe a more expensive sneaker would fix the issue.  It did.  (Or maybe it was something else, but I like to think the Newtons fixed it!)

More cushioning in Energy NR (though, they are brand new!)
More cushioning in Energy NR (though, they are brand new!)

Here are the Newton Energy NR Woman Specs:
Weight: 6.9 oz.
Profile (Heel): 26.5 mm
Profile (Forefoot): 23.8 mm
Drop from heel to forefoot: 2.7 mm (though I believe it’s 6mm with the insole)

Don’t get me wrong I loved the Distance U’s, but I couldn’t afford another pair this time around.  Plus, they only lasted about 150-200 miles and if that was going to happen again, I was buying a cheaper pair somehow.  I ended up finding a pair of Energy NR’s on eBay and if I didn’t win them for $90, I would have ended up ordering from Road Runner Sports for about $110 with my discount but… I won them, so I was happy.  I can feel good about $90.  I Just hoped that I wouldn’t hate them because I was stuck with them!

So, I put them on today for a light run.  The first thing I noticed is the lugs are basically non existent compared to the Distance U’s, plus there are 5 of them.  The sole also seems a lot thicker.  The heel didn’t feel snug when I put them on, but it didn’t bother me or slip during my run at all.  The best part (and reason I went with the Energy NR instead of another pair) is they are just  7 oz, which is the same as the Distance U.  I don’t think I could train in a heavier sneaker ever again.

photo 4 (11)

The run went rather well.  My feet felt great — not in pain like they were yesterday during the run.  I’m not sure if that’s because my other pair is worn or these just work with my feet so much better.  The sneaker felt slightly stiffer and had more cushioning, but not heavy on my feet.  The absence of the lugs is going to take time to get used to, but I think it might work out better if I intend to train for a full marathon this winter.

I think my old pair is a little worn.
I think my old pair is a little worn.

I will have to see what happens after a few more runs, but I think this is a winner of a sneaker.  (And after seeing how reasonable their woman’s clothing is on sale right now, a winner in general… I need some extra cash stat.)  I really think the Newton brand is all I’m going to run in from now on.  Even if they do wear out after less miles than other brands, my feet feel good in them and my form feels natural when I run correctly.

Alright, soon you’re going to think I’m trying to brainwash everyone into purchasing Newtons (and that wouldn’t be a terrible idea!) but I am not.  If you’re in the market for a new sneaker, I think you should check our Road Runner Sports and buy a pair (try a half size or size up if you do).  If you hate them, return them for a different pair (RRS has a fabulous return policy on sneakers – 60 day test, no questions asked if you return).

Oh, RRS and Newton Running had absolutely nothing to do for me with this post.  I just wanted to tell everyone about how much I love their sneakers.  Plus, RRS and their VIP membership is the only reason I can afford all the running gear I “need” (let’s use that word lightly).

Has anyone else run in Newton sneakers?


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2 thoughts on “Review: Newton Energy NR”

  1. I can’t believe your distancias only lasted 200 miles. That is seriously nuts. Mine have always lasted around 500 at very minimum. I haven’t bought a pair of their newest shoes and honestly buy the older model (since they are typically 175) I can always find 2012 for like 100 and get a good 600 miles out of them.


    1. I think they didn’t last as long because I was heel striking in them and since they aren’t meant for that… well, I wore out the back end enough where it’s causing foot pain and support issues. Hopefully the Energy model works out better for me!


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