Slacking All Around

It appears when I don’t run, I also neglect this lovely space of Internet.

It has been over a week since I ran last (why does this feel like a confession?) but I don’t think I regret it.  I’m trying to get into the groove with teaching 3x’s a week, working, and taking care of myself (sleep, food, a little time to myself).  Last week was a little off anyways with the busy-ness of Labor Day weekend, picking up a Thursday night class, and dinner with my family Friday night.

I have full intentions on running Saturday morning, I even had people to run with!  Though, I was beyond exhausted Friday night and had to cancel because I knew I didn’t have it in me.  I figured I’d get a run in possibly Saturday evening, but I just did not have it in me.  I thought I could squeeze one in before Football Sunday (yes, in my world this is a proper noun!) but with cooking for some game day snacks plus my excitement for the day… it just wasn’t happening.

I’ll get into a new groove really soon.  It’ll help once PT is over with and once my schedule shifts late on Wednesdays because I can run in the morning.  Until then, I just need to do the best I can.

Newton Energy!
Newton Energy!

While we’re still on the running topic, I bought these babies (Newton Energy) on eBay this weekend in pink/blue.  They are brand new and I’m saving about $15 from buying them on the website I normally use.  I can’t return them if I hate them, but I figure I’ll just stick them up on eBay and resell them myself if I have to.  I’m excited because it doesn’t have the lugs that Distance U has but the oz are the same (7 oz).  It’s a bigger heel toe drop (6mm) but if I remove the insert, it’s 3mm.  I will probably remove the insert for my insoles, but who knows what it’ll do for the drop.  I cannot wait for them to arrive!

And to switch topics, I’ve gotten some awesome positive feedback about my teaching!  I had a lady come up to me after the class I subbed on Thursday to tell me I should turn on the overhead lights (I couldn’t find them, but we hunted for them after class and discovered them!) and then say how she loved the class, asked when I was teaching, and asked who taught me to do all the different things I did because nobody usually does them.  Then I received the emails below from the director at one of the clubs I’m teaching at right before my class tonight (at a different club) and it felt so great — I went in and finally rocked it.

Hello great feedback.
Hello great feedback.

It felt so much better than last Wednesday’s class.  Then a woman came up to me who said she’s taken the class for about three years now so she’s seen all the different instructors and she wanted to tell me that I did a great job.  It’s really effin’ awesome that I get paid to workout and create a place where other people want to workout and be healthier.  I can’t wait to (hopefully, if finances play nice) get certified in personal training this winter, too.

I think I deserve a night of decent sleep, now.


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